Help & Manual Basic 8.0.0 Build 5452

Released: Feb 15, 2020

Updates in 8.0.0 Build 5452


  • The eWriter Viewer app is now included in the distribution of Help+Manual, no separate installation required.
  • Bugfix toggle images: left/right aligned toggle images without image caption were not correctly positioned in Webhelp.
  • Bugfix PDF: some OLE objects could have caused an error during PDF export.
  • Optical glitch with text conditions on high-res monitors fixed.
  • New setting in Program Options to manually specify the link to HelpXplain.
  • Batch compilations: extra message about maintenance removed, task bar button removed.
  • Extra task bar button on Windows 7 removed.
  • Webhelp export: the full-text indexer did also index HelpXplain presentations, because they are separate HTML pages. Xplains are now excluded from indexing, because they are always hosted by a topic page and should not be displayed as stand-alone pages.
  • When a help project was opened from Windows Explorer (double-click) and the last edited topic (which is automatically displayed, when the project opens) was extremely long, an error prevented Help+Manual from starting.
  • Right-aligned images in table cells sometimes caused a miscalculation of the right cell margin.
  • Print/PDF problems with equation objects fixed, the debug function to highlight links did highlight dead links in green (should be red).
  • Link lists: variables in link captions are now resolved.
  • Amazon Kindle export did not work.
  • ePUB/Kindle export: magnification lens for image toggles has been removed for these two output formats. The support for image overlays is too weak by many ebook readers.