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Highcharts Stock (formerly Highstock) lets you create stock or general timeline charts in pure JavaScript, including sophisticated navigation options like a small navigator series, preset date ranges, date picker, scrolling, and panning. Highcharts Stock features sophisticated navigation options and built-in Technical Indicators.

Highcharts Stock is an SVG-based, multi-platform charting library based on Highcharts, which has been actively developed since 2009. It makes it easy to add interactive, mobile-optimized financial charts to your web and mobile projects. It features robust documentation, advanced responsiveness, and industry-leading accessibility support.

Highcharts Stock Features

Technical Indicators
Includes more than 45 most popular technical indicators such as SMA (Simple Moving Average), MACD (Moving Average...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Highcharts Stock JS v9.1.0
Highcharts Stock JS v9.1.0
Integriert neue technische Indikatoren und verbessert die Wordcloud-Tastaturnavigation.
Highcharts Stock JS v9.0.0
Highcharts Stock JS v9.0.0
Verbessert die Bereichsauswahl, die Zugänglichkeit und das Zoomen für Touch-Geräte.
Highcharts Stock JS v8.2.0
Highcharts Stock JS v8.2.0
Verbessert die Diagrammanimation und den Datenexport.
Highcharts Stock JS v8.1.1
Highcharts Stock JS v8.1.1
Highcharts integriert die Unterstützung für das Auswählen und Ziehen von parentNode in gepackten Blasenserien.
Highcharts Stock JS v8.1.x
Highcharts Stock JS v8.1.x
Integriert die vertikale Planung in Diagramme sowie Internationalisierungsoptionen im Modul für den Export von Daten.
Highstock JS v8.0.0
Highstock JS v8.0.0
Integriert die Datensortierung und die Slow Stochastic-Anzeige.

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The Highstock Developer License allows for an agreed number of developers to use Highstock JS in an unlimited number of intranets (i.e. internal use), websites and mobile applications, and one...

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