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InstallShield Software Corp.5 Stern
Responses to KeithRisler's review: 1. Microsoft does not allow the Windows Installer Service to be updated separately, primarily for security and manageability reasons. As you know, the Windows... Lesen Sie mehr

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Name vorenthalten Australien1 Stern

Tricky licensing model, and not very user friendly software. Shielded me from installing the software I had recently purchased.

Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeNorwegen5 Stern
Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeAustralien1 Stern

Tricky licensing model, and not very user friendly software. Shielded me from installing the software I had recently purchased.

Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeUSA4 Stern
Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeDeutschland4 Stern

Sehr gute Integration in Visual Studio, schnelles paketieren sowie Integration von Runtimes. Speziell bei größeren Projekten werden die Abhängigkeiten der einzelnen Projekte aufgelöst und somit nur die Dateien installiert, welche auch wirklich zur Ausführung notwendig sind. Dies erspart wirklich Zeit und ist deshalb eine Preiswerte Anwendung sowie in meinen Augen gute Investition in die Zukunft

Name vorenthalten Verifizierter Kunde5 Stern
Name vorenthalten Verifizierter Kunde1 Stern
After I bought a new computer, I was unable to activate the InstallShield product which I own. On support request they do not answer. The so called "offline activation" doesnt work - they didnt activation also didnt worked - I sent the request by mail but never received any answer. The prices are very arrogant and way too high.
ivr_wizardUSA1 Stern
InstallShield Express 2011 has broken Visual Source Safe 2005. I am not able to use VSS with VB.Net 2003, but can do so with other VB.Net series ok. Their support has been slow and after 2 weeks they are now announcing that they can replicate the problem, have no work around, and no eta. Flexera, I believe, bought out several other firms, so choices are fleeting. My suggestion in dealing with their support structure is to invest in a Starbucks prepaid card - they will come in handy for the lengthy waits. There has been recent activity on your Support Incident #SIOA-000169419. Incident Description: Hello Jeffrey, Thanks for your patience with this Visual Source Safe error. This problem has been reproduced and determined to be an issue in our software. This issue has been submitted to our Engineering team as Issue #IOA-000057898. Currently, there is no workaround. Our Engineering team is investigating this issue, but at this moment, there is no estimated time frame for when it will be fixed. You can track the status of this issue by checking product release notes or searching our Knowledge Base through eService. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Kind Regards, Flexera Software Technical Support
marc.grubenThe Netherlands2 Stern
I've been using the product since version 2.0. During versions the software has become more expensive and the language support has disappeared. The software is good for its job, except it has some problems with non existing drives. It also uses binair files (instead of text files) to store the project, which is pretty bad when you have problems. I wanted to upgrade my notebook and had to transfer my licence. The kind of support you get is really bad and you’re not treated as a licensed customer which needed the product (I have been waiting for activation for more than 5 days now). This will be the last version of this product I will ever buy, I'll go to a company who are more focussed on their customers instead of money. So if you have the choice I would rather look for other products which will do the same as this product but has more professional support. Marc Gruben 828 Systems
KeithRislerCanada3 Stern
The InstallShield Express V3.5 product continues this product's tradition of simple setup creation; simple in the sense of making things much easier for experienced people who know what they are doing in creating a Windows setup package, and moreover know how to troubleshoot Windows setup issues. 1. The product functions well, but is somewhat hampered by the constraints imposed by the Microsoft Windows Installer. For example, when an InstallShield Express V3.51 (there's a patch to this minor version release for V3.50 users on InstallShield web site) setup runs under Windows 2000, a message noting that the Windows Installer version on the Windows 2000 machine is typically generated. The warning can be turned off, but the problem of an outdated target machine remains. Since Microsoft allows Windows 2000 to receive updated Windows Installer versions via service packs only, or so it would seem, there is no way to trigger an InstallShield Express setup to force an update on the Windows Installer on Windows 2000 target machines. 2. When I installed this program to my D: drive rather than the C: drive, a persistent error was generated during build attempts, as the program could not locate a key file needed to do the build. It appears that there may be a hard-wired component in the setup of this program that expects to see the main files on C:. Installing InstallShield Express V3.50 to C: fixed this problem for me. 3. The program does a basic job of importing V2.13 InstallShield Express setups to the new Windows Installer paradigm, but I found that much work was often needed to get things fully functional after import of a complex setup. This is no different than for other setup creation tools; a certain amount of work must be redone in order to move complex setups to the Windows Installer model. 4. A few tips: This is a 32-bit only product that no longer creates 16-bit setups. I find that it can create setups that launch MS-DOS programs, however, provided one creates icons using .PIF files and not icons that call MS-DOS .EXE files directly. The program cannot create installs that run under Windows 3.1, however, nor will setups run under MS-DOS. A word of caution: if you have an MS-DOS program you need to park on a target machine, you can do that, but only by placing the file in a directory and creating an icon link to it via a .PIF file. I did this in one test by creating the .PIF files and rolling them into my setup with the other relevant files. I well imagine this is not a supported use of this program! When I tried to build a setup featuring icons linked directly to MS-DOS.EXE files, the program would generate an error and close itself entirely under Windows 2000. 5. Generally, the product functions well, but to make it work for you reliably, a good knowledge of how installers work, and how the various Windows versions handle file installs, is also essential. In this context, of the knowledgeable programmer, this program meets its objective of quick and [relatively] easy software setup creation.
InstallShield Software Corp.5 Stern
Responses to KeithRisler's review: 1. Microsoft does not allow the Windows Installer Service to be updated separately, primarily for security and manageability reasons. As you know, the Windows Installer Service is evolving everyday and we hope this scenario will improve. Despite this limitation, installations generally continue to work very well due to the backward compatibility of the Windows Installer Service. This has been the case for thousands of installations. 2. We were unable to reproduce this problem after attempting to do so on multiple development machines. Because development machines often have so many different versions of so many applications, unique issues may arise in these environments. We recommend installing on a clean machine, if necessary. 3. When a 2.x project is migrated to Express 3.x we strive to migrate ALL the files to appropriate destinations. There are a couple of minor issues, which we are currently working on improving support for: 1. SRCDIR support 2. Always Overwrite support There are some Windows Installer technical limitations with these options and we will be addressing them in the upcoming release. 4. While creating shortcuts that launch a DOS program, InstallShield writes information to the Shortcut table, as defined in Microsoft's Windows Installer technology. If all parameters have been specified correctly for the shortcut, the operation should work correctly. We are still testing on this issue, and if possible, we would like to know how the shortcut was originally setup and get more technical details on the issue. 5. InstallShield Express 3.5 provides a visual checklist interface to guide the development process. Detailed knowledge of the Windows Installer service is not required. In fact, it is not necessary to work with any of the 70+ tables directly. At the same time, all the benefits of the Windows Installer Service, such as application auto-repair (self healing) and install-on-demand are available. Other new features in Express include One-Click Install technology for Web deployment, VBscript custom actions, Windows XP support, over 40 third-party technology modules and support for 14 languages.