Über IntelliJ IDEA

Vollständige Umgebung für die Java-Entwicklung.

IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent Java IDE that provides a robust combination of development tools. IntelliJ IDEA Key features include: intelligent coding assistance, smart navigation and search, numerous refactorings, code analysis, Web and enterprise development support, Unit testing and code coverage and team work facilitation. IntelliJ IDEA’s functionality is continuously extended by users and third parties via plugins. IntelliJ IDEA offers support for Java EE, Spring/Hibernate and other technology stacks.

Intelligent Coding Assistance – A smart editor that recognizes Java, HTML/XHTML, XML/XSL, CSS, Ruby and JavaScript, supports frameworks like Rails and GWT provides you an environment for creating cutting edge code. Whatever language you are using, the advanced code completion, validation, formatting and styling are always at hand. Plus, smart error and syntax highlighting combined with intelligent quick-fixes let effectively produce error free, clear code and focus on the logic of your project instead of routine dry work.

Smart Navigation & Search – An advanced project navigation view that is aware of Java, JSP, XML/XSL, HTML, Ruby and Rails code structure lets you quickly analyze even largest files at a glance, providing convenient way to browse through them. Active gutter icons let you instantly jump between symbol declaration and usages. The smart search recognizes language elements displays results in an interactive navigation panel to help you analyze all the files where the search item is found. Plus, the structural search feature is especially designed for building intelligent search templates for operating with complex files.

Numerous Refactorings - IntelliJ IDEA features a rich set of refactorings (50+) that cover virtually every aspect of code transformation and lets you effectively maintain and upgrade your projects. All refactorings are aware of supported languages and technologies like Java, XML, JSP, EJB, Javascript and Ruby and provide an effective way to flexibly manage your code.

Code Analysis - Built-in high performance dynamic code analyzer with more than 600 inspections performs on-the-fly code analysis and detects all common syntax errors, plus all other errors that would be detected during compilation. You never need to compile your code to verify that it's error-free. IntelliJ IDEA provides analysis for most of the supported technologies, including JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS, EJB, JSP, JSF, Struts, JavaDoc, properties files, Ant scripts, and more. Static code analysis detects performance bottlenecks, dead code, malformed dependencies and other problems with your code. IntelliJ IDEA provides you with automatic solutions for all detected errors.

Web & Enterprise Development Support - Rapid development of Java EE and Web applications with the full support for EJB, JSP, JSF, XML/XSL, HTML/XHTML/CSS technologies and languages, JBoss, WebSphere, Glassfish, Geronimo, Tomcat and Weblogic servers, Rails, Struts and other frameworks. Plus enhanced Javascript, AJAX and GWT support for building industry standard Web interfaces. Automated deployment and remote debugging included for maintaining optimum productivity levels through all development process stages.

Compiling, Running, Debugging - IntelliJ IDEA includes support for multiple Java compilers (javac, jikes, eclipse). You can compile your projects using your favourite compiler without having to leave your favourite IDE. IntelliJ IDEA also includes the dependency-based make feature available for all supported compilers. The compilation results view lets you navigate to the source of any compilation message (error, warning or anything else) with a single key stroke or mouse click. IntelliJ IDEA includes the best of the breed JPDA-based debugger with a simple, easy to use user interface and leverages all its productivity-aimed features through every debugging step. The unique HotSwap technology lets you modify and recompile parts of the code during debugging without the need to restart the whole process. Plus, the intellectual breakpoints that enhance your debugging experience.

Unit Testing & Code Coverage - IntelliJ IDEA features the smart code coverage tool that measures the code coverage for your unit tests or tests written as simple application with the main() method, improves the efficiency of code testing and ensures that you are always aware of how effectively your code is tested. Built-in test runner is fully JUnit 4 compatible. In addition, IntelliJ IDEA provides the flexible Inspection API which lets you easily create different plugins to extend the project-wide code analysis functionality and provide the means for meeting all project needs.

Team Work Facilitation - IntelliJ IDEA natively integrates with the most popular version control systems like Perforce, StarTeam, Subversion, CVS and Visual SourceSafe. Smart commits, advanced changelist management and unified VCS interface, plus integration with TeamCity — the innovative solution for continuous application development — all this boosts the productivity of your entire team. Additionally, a unique built-in instant messaging system lets developers stay in touch with each other by exchanging live code pointers and stack traces.

Open API & Plugins - There are over 300 plugins for IntelliJ IDEA which extend its functionality and add various features to code inspections and refactorings, editors and tool windows, language support and application server and profiler integrations, Version Control System integrations, and so on and so forth. You can always improve an existing feature or add a missing one by using Open API — the flexible interface for building IntelliJ IDEA extensions. With Open API, you can access IntelliJ IDEA core and utilize all its power to extend the functionality as you please.