JSCharting 2.6

Released: Aug 20, 2018

Updates in 2.6


  • Data Point SmartLabels - JSCharting includes an intelligent point labeling system that is capable of handling label collisions and fit issues automatically without obscuring other points and labels.
  • Vector Icon support through the icon text tag - The icon tag can now be added to any text label with the full JSC library of icons available.
  • Icon Browser - In addition, icon tags support using SVG paths directly in label text. Icon width and height settings are automatically scaled so the path coordinates are seamlessly handled when using this feature.
  • Text customization enhancements - All text labels now support additional html tags such as
    • hr
    • ul li (with nesting)
    • img
  • Box layout system - JSC Version 2.6 introduces a major enhancement to the box layout and positioning system, unifying the legend, annotations, and uiItems into a single layout mechanism with positioning options that arrange the boxes either inside or outside chart area.
  • Image exporter file attributes - The image file exporter now supports custom file attributes such as PDF author, subject, and other meta data.
  • Calendar heatmap chart type - A powerful and dynamic calendar chart type has been added in v2.6. It includes many time based views including year, month, second, and everything in between. Date value data pairs populate the calendar with Heatmap data which can be rendered seamlessly.
  • Calendar Patterns - Calendar patterns provide a powerful api to communicate date time specific filters and intervals to bind styling options to calendar cells and define calendar highlights.
  • Calendar Highlights - Calendar highlights leverage calendar patterns to render outlines and fills around groupings of cells. They can be added, modified, and removed in real-time with a powerful FP API. This allows more advanced abilities such as cursor selection in a date range picker. The year and quarter calendar views add a highlight by default to delineate month outlines. These outlines and highlights are fully customizable to meet your visualization needs.
  • CSV loading/parsing utility - The window.fetch() function can be referenced through JSC.fetch() and is also supported in IE11 through a polyfill. The JSC.parseCsv(text) function splits CSV text into rows and columns, detects and separates header rows, and parses values into string or numeric values automatically.