JSCharting Releases

Released: Feb 15, 2023

Updates in 3.4


  • Organizational chart vertical leaf point layout - You can now optimize organizational chart layouts by stacking leaf points vertically. This can reduce the space required for the chart which is especially useful for larger organizational charts.
  • New series and point defaultLeafPoint options - To help you work more efficiently with hierarchical charts, you can now apply point options to only leaf points (points without any points below them in the hierarchy) or only apply options to...

Released: Apr 1, 2022

Updates in 3.3


  • Gantt chart critical path support - Added new connector styling support for Gantt charts which lets you customize and highlight a Gantt chart’s critical path.
  • Widget charts for dashboards - Added 15 new dashboard widget chart examples. From linear gauge to columns and bars, circular gauge with icons to full bleed area lines, typographic widgets and line chart widgets with change indicators to help you quickly and easily build custom chart dashboards.
  • Pictogram charts and pictographs...

Released: Nov 18, 2021

Updates in 3.2


  • Numeric Value Animation - In addition to seamless chart graphical animations, numeric values now support customizable value animation, including incrementing numeric digits smoothly. This provides label constancy while bringing attention to real-time data updates in dashboard and KPI charts.
  • Automatic String Tween Animation - When chart label text changes, the text will animate numbers and words within, to indicate a change is taking place. You can use the label.animation property to...

Released: Aug 11, 2021

Updates in 3.1


  • Automatic Column Rounding - JSCharting will apply corner rounding to columns and bars at the appropriate edges automatically. A visually pleasing corner radius is also automatically calculated to soften the column look regardless of size while being subtle enough not to interfere with reading specific chart values.
  • Point Radius - You can use the Point.radius property to disable corner rounding by setting a value of 0, or manually set a value to control the corner rounding to match the...

Released: Oct 21, 2020

Updates in 3.0


  • 50+ New Tuned Examples - Includes over fifty new and highly tuned real-world samples which can be used like chart templates to accelerate your custom data visualizations.
  • RTL Text Support - JSCharting now offers full right-to-left language support. The chart will automatically apply this feature when a culture string is defined.
  • Chart Wide Performance Improvements - Chart performance has been enhanced across all chart types and interactions.
  • Chart Mentoring, Tips and Suggestions - If...

Released: Nov 7, 2019

Updates in 2.9


  • New Modern Look - The JSCharting 2.9 release includes revamped default chart styling that results in a cleaner and more modern look while focusing the viewer on the underlying data being visualized.
  • First and Last Point Settings - This feature provides a mechanism to simplify chart visuals and to communicate data more intuitively. A legend is no longer necessary to define the series and values. For example, a series name can be shown on the first data point of each series and the last...

Released: May 6, 2019

Updates in 2.8


Reimagining the Axis

  • Axis Range Ticks - 'Range ticks' may sound contradictory at first, but they are a powerful new addition for axis labeling. Axis ticks traditionally refer to a specific point on an axis scale; however, now have gained the ability to define a range. Simply specify an array of two numeric values in place of a single numeric tick value to enable the range axis tick visualization. Range ticks can display with three different visualization styles and will select the...

Released: Nov 16, 2018

Updates in 2.7


  • Microchart Visualizations - Version 2.7 enables the complete label feature set to be used with any div element on a web page. This allows microchart visualizations to be seamlessly embedded into data driven html pages. The built in SVG icons library can also be used, enhancing visual clarity and creating more aesthetically pleasing experiences.
  • Mosaic Plot/Variwide/Mekko chart type - The variwide chart type is an alias for an x axis stacking mode that works with category x axis scales...

Released: Aug 20, 2018

Updates in 2.6


  • Data Point SmartLabels - JSCharting includes an intelligent point labeling system that is capable of handling label collisions and fit issues automatically without obscuring other points and labels.
  • Vector Icon support through the icon text tag - The icon tag can now be added to any text label with the full JSC library of icons available.
  • Icon Browser - In addition, icon tags support using SVG paths directly in label text. Icon width and height settings are automatically scaled so the...