Layer2 Business Data List Connector Lizenzierung

Wenn Sie Ihre Lizenzanforderungen für Layer2 Business Data List Connector besprechen möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte unsere Layer2 Lizenzierungsspezialisten.

The Layer2 Business Data List Connector is licensed on a per SharePoint server basis. That means:

  • A license is required for every SharePoint server.
  • There are no additional user CALs required.
  • All web frontend servers (WFE) have to be licensed.
  • No license is required for SharePoint infrastructure servers, e.g. for index, SQL or search server.
  • Application servers (APP) have to be licensed in case of SharePoint timer jobs are used, e.g. for using BDLC background update.
  • The CA server (if any) has to be licensed in many cases, because it's a WFE by default (it renders the CA). In some cases timer jobs are also executed there (depending on configuration).

Software Assurance (SA) includes maintenance minor and major updates for one year.

Customer Support

  • With purchased product licenses you benefit from free email-based customer support regarding all questions and issues directly related to Layer2 products.
  • Layer2 support does not include in-depth assistance with architecture, coding, debugging, or configuring your specific application or server.