Über Layer2 File Pal

Dokument- und Dateisynchronisierung zwischen Netzwerkfreigabe (Dateiserver), lokalem Dateisystem, Teams und SharePoint.

Layer2 File Pal helps you sync files between Network Share (File Server), local File System, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. There are no limitations so you can sync as many files as you need. Synchronize your files once an hour and have your documents and files available wherever you are. Layer2 File Pal has an easy and intuitive user interface that makes file synchronization easy.


  • Design - Layer2 File Pal has a modern and intuitive user interface for a comfortable and easy way to sync your files.
  • From anywhere at anytime - Access your files from anywhere and at any time. Layer2 File Pal syncs your documents automatically and without any further effort.
  • Easy connection - Requires no IT knowledge, no programming and no coding is needed.
  • Safety first - Because Layer2 File Pal is a desktop application, you maintain full control of your connections and data.
  • Scalability - This tool offers expandable options for the integration of new features and more functions.