Medialooks Direct Take Releases

Released: Sep 15, 2021

Updates in v3.1


  • Added ​REST API functionality, so you can control Direct Take remotely.
  • Added Auto-correction of the preview refresh rate depending on the actual CPU use, so if the recording takes a lot of resources, the preview is slowed down to focus on the recording.
  • Added Elgato StreamDeck plugin to control the recordings from the Elgato's device.
  • Added LTC Timecode support to synchronize multiple recordings.
  • Added asynchronous initialization of input network streams, so you can initialize a...

Released: Apr 23, 2021

Updates in 3.0


  • Redesigned from scratch, Direct Take 3.0 is lighter, easier to use, quicker in operation, and more reliable.
  • Focuses on synchronous recording of multiple video feeds.
  • Now offers NDI and SDI ingest (specifically via Blackmagic Design, AJA, DELTACAST, Bluefish444, Stream Labs, Magewell and YUAN), as well as direct virtual input from Video Transport – for remote production scenarios.
  • Built using MFormats, which is frame-based and provided full control over every frame in the pipeline.