Über MindFusion.Scheduling for Java Swing

Integrieren Sie intelligente Kalender in Ihre Java-Anwendungen.

MindFusion.Scheduling for Java Swing adds a rich set of features for creating, customizing and presenting any type of calendar, appointment, time table or schedule. It is very easy to integrate and with just a few lines of code you will be able to present your calendar in a variety of views, define custom-typed events and use undo/redo functionality. Numerous themes and style options let you customize the appearance of your calendar with ease.

MindFusion.Scheduling for Java Swing Features

  • Views - Choose from six different ways to render a schedule. Show a range of weeks or months with the MonthRange and WeekRange view or if you want to show appointments in a list use the List view. The Resource view gives the user an intuitive presentation of each resource and the appointments that they have. Finally, the timetable view is the perfect choice to present all tasks throughout the day.
  • User Interaction - There is a rich choice of actions that can be performed on the calendar. You can create and modify items interactively and edit them in-place. Single and multiple item selection is supported along with scrolling. The size of the columns and row headers in Timetable view is adjustable and you can navigate through days, months or years in various views. Tool-tips are also supported.
  • Appearance - There are many ways to customise your schedule including fonts, colors, shadows and alignment. The component has a style-based appearance that is easy to change. You can associate images with the calendar elements, use custom painting and assign your own mouse cursors. At your disposal are also themes and a rich choice of pen and brush styles.
  • Output - You can easily print and preview your calendars, you can also export the entire calendar or parts of it to an image. As a Java component, JPlanner is rendered on the screen through Java Swing. The component can also be persisted into XML.