PDFlib PLOP is a versatile tool which can repair, linearize, optimize, encrypt, and decrypt PDF documents. PLOP linearization and optimization features create efficient and small PDF documents for fast Web delivery. PLOP protection features encrypt or decrypt PDF documents and apply or remove permission settings, such as »printing not allowed« or »content extraction not allowed«. The PLOP repair mode automatically detects damaged PDF documents and fixes the problems if possible. PLOP analysis features can be used to query arbitrary properties of a PDF document. In addition, document metadata can be retrieved and set.

PDFlib PLOP (PDF Linearization, Optimization, Protection) offers a straightforward way to linearize and optimize your PDF files for fast Web delivery, and to apply or remove Acrobat security features. PDFlib PLOP DS (Digital Signature) offers all features of PLOP, plus the ability to apply digital signatures to PDF documents.

With PDFlib PLOP you can linearize a PDF document for fast delivery over the Web (byteserving). Byteserving increases the perceived download speed...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

PDFlib PLOP 5.4
PDFlib PLOP 5.4
Enthält Verbesserungen für Plattformen und Sprachbindungen.
PDFlib PLOP 5.3
PDFlib PLOP 5.3
Enthält aktualisierte Sprachbindungen und Plattformunterstützung sowie eine verbesserte PDF-Optimierung.
PDFlib PLOP V5.1
PDFlib PLOP V5.1
Now supports certificate security.

Preise ab: $ 89.05

One software license is required per machine. One license covers a single computer running under the selected operating system platform, regardless of the number of CPUs. An individual license key is...

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