PyCharm Releases

Released: Jul 28, 2021

Updates in 2021.2.x


Updated Oct 20, 2021


  • Fixed a bug where PEP 585 parameterized built-in classes were not recognized when using from __future__ import annotations.
  • Fixed a bug in Jupyter notebooks where the connection to the Python debugger failed when using ipykernel>=6.3.0.
  • Fixed a bug where custom external documentation URLs for the standard entries were getting removed upon IDE restart.
  • Fixed a bug where PyCharm was updating indexes on every startup if IDE was closed with OS shutdown...

Released: Apr 7, 2021

Updates in 2021.1.x


Updated Jun 30, 2021


  • Fixed the problems behind several UI freezes.
  • Fixed the infinite indexing issue.
  • User interface: Ctrl+Shift+Arrow shortcut selects text in a dialog window rather than stretching the window.
  • It is now possible to work with KWallet without errors.
  • Quick documentation: .jpeg and .svg images are rendered correctly.
  • Plugins: disabled plugins that have been updated to the latest version don’t cause a false notification saying a plugin update is required.
  • VCS: Fixed...

Released: Dec 2, 2020

Updates in 2020.3.x


Updated Mar 17, 2021


Trusted projects

  • Introduced the concept of trusted projects to mitigate the risks associated with opening projects from unknown and untrusted sources.
  • When you open a project, PyCharm doesn’t execute any code from it and checks whether it is trusted or from a trusted location.
  • If the project currently is not trusted, the IDE will ask you to choose whether to open it in safe mode or full-trust mode. If the project currently is not trusted, the IDE will ask...

Released: Jul 29, 2020

Updates in 2020.2.x


Updated Nov 27, 2020


  • Fixed autocompletion in Python Console: it now suggests types and parameters.
  • Fixed Python Console performance with large Pandas DataFrames and DataFrames that have dtype columns.
  • Drop into debugger on failed tests is now disabled by default, as it may slow down test performance in some cases.
  • Fixed the sizing issues with the Search and Replace pane.
  • Fixed branch selection when opening the pull dialog.
  • Fixed the issue causing new Git repositories not to be...

Released: Jul 8, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.3


  • An issue that caused the UI to freeze when processing references in Python scratch files was fixed.
  • A bug that prevented CoffeeScript automatically insert imports was fixed.
  • The issue with the keyboard on Ubuntu 20.04, Gnome 3.36 with IBus enabled was fixed.
  • Font rendering problem on macOS Mojave was resolved.
  • Memory leak in Common Item Dialog patch was eliminated.
  • The commit causing latency on accepting auto-completion was reverted.

Released: Jun 3, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.2


  • Added new action ‘Rescan Available Python Modules and Packages’.
  • Added support for Coverage 5.0+.


  • Fixed a bug that made the cursor jump to the __call__ method of the metaclass instead of the class declaration when using ‘go to declaration’ on classes.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered a false positive inspection “Unexpected argument” for Python 3 enum.Enum() functional constructor.
  • Fixed a bug that now makes CSS/SCSS formatter aware of CSS3 grid-layout properties.
  • Fixed a...

Released: May 6, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.1


  • Fixed a problem with the DataFrame viewer window being small and not expanding upon resizing.
  • Implemented several small tasks points to ensure that Python 3.9 alpha interpreters will work as expected.
  • Fixed autocompletion for TypedDict arguments for functions.
  • Brought back an old functionality into our CSV data editor that will make editing CSV files easier by showing tabs for ‘Data’ and ‘Text’.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the debugger from working on Python 3.5 and earlier...

Released: Apr 8, 2020

Updates in 2020.1


Version Control

  • Interactive rebasing - If you care about keeping your commit history clean, you’re definitely familiar with interactive rebasing. This is now easier, and more graphical. Just pick a commit in the history, right-click, and choose ‘interactively rebase from here’.
  • New VCS commit tool window - If you’re the kind of developer who likes commits that are atomic and tell a story, you probably go back and forth between the commit window and your code to get everything ready...

Released: Mar 18, 2020

Updates in 2019.3.4


SQL General

  • Structure view for the block statement.

SQL Highlighting

  • Subquery folding improvement.
  • Support for Sequence Storage Engine MariaDB syntax.


Code Insight

  • No Type Inference on nonlocal/global Variables.
  • PyCharm doesn't recognise namespace package properly if __init__ file contains comments.


  • Rerun button stop working.


  • Cython Support does not recognize integer suffixes.


  • PyCharm KeyError __len__ when debugging after updating to...

Released: Feb 7, 2020

Updates in 2019.3.3


Code Insight

  • False positive when typing near inherited TypedDict type.


  • Python Run Configuration (docker-compose) fails with "Could not find docker0 network interface" error when started in debug mode.


  • reStructuredText language injection comment breaks inspection.
  • Ignored references in inspections settings for unresolved references in Python does not work anymore.
  • Unexpected argument when creating an imported TypedDict.

Build. Built-in (JPS)

  • Update "Error...