Über Data Masker for SQL Server

Ersetzen Sie sensible Daten durch realistische, anonymisierte Testdaten.

Data Masker for SQL Server is a tool to replace sensitive data in test and development databases with realistic looking but false information. This process is sometimes called Data Sanitization, Data Masking or Data Protection. Data Masker provides a simple to use, repeatable method. Data masking is the process of protecting sensitive information in non-production databases from inappropriate visibility. After sanitization, the database remains perfectly usable - the look-and-feel is preserved - but the information content is secure.

Data Mask Sensitive Information

  • Multiple methods to sanitize sensitive information.
  • Use templates to remain consistent with existing data formats.
  • Replacement data sets included, such as Names, Zip Codes, Emails.
  • Populate test data as well as sanitize existing information.
  • Simple, repeatable, fast, and easy to use.
  • Supports SQL Server databases.