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RemObjects Iodine is a full super-set of Java, and adds additional improvements and enhancements on top. All your existing Android or Java SE code should compile right away - so you can move your project over to Iodine seamlessly, and then start planning to cover more platforms - natively. RemObjects Iodine lets you compile your code for different target platforms. A target platform can be an operating system (such as Windows, or macOS) or a more virtualized multi-platform runtime environment (such as Java or .NET). The same language features are available on each platform and it is really easy to share code between platforms.

RemObjects Iodine is a great native fit on each individual platform, giving you full access to all the native APIs, frameworks, UI widgets, and so on:

  • .NET - The .NET platform includes the regular .NET Framework, as well as Mono, .NET Core, ASP.NET, WinRT and Universal Windows Projects. .NET is a great target for writing Windows GUI apps, cross-platform servers (to deploy with .NET Core or Mono), command line tools, and websites.
  • Cocoa - Build apps for Apple's macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and...

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RemObjects Iodine veröffentlicht
RemObjects Iodine veröffentlicht
Java-Code nativ auf .NET, macOS, iOS und mehr.

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All licenses are per-user and include one year of free updates and support, from the day of purchase. Products never expire. Premium Support is an upgrade service over the free Standard Support that...

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