SharePoint Column/View Permission

BoostSolutions Column/View Permission allows administrators to manage access to all website content by setting field-level and view-level permissions for any list in a SharePoint site. With it, you can designate which users and groups have access rights to column contents, a particular list view, or even the ability to enter or change data in a particular list field, thereby enabling you to securely store both public and confidential corporate data within the same list.

SharePoint Column/View Permission

  • Assign read-only/edit permissions for individual columns within a SharePoint list view, or hide the columns entirely;
  • Assign view-level permissions by specifying whether the view is hidden or fully accessible for users and groups;
  • Assign form-level permissions for the "create new item", "edit item" and "view item" forms (hide specific fields completely, or restrict them to read-only access);
  • Determine the users and user groups that will be assigned custom...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

SharePoint Column/View Permission v4.19.0.210
SharePoint Column/View Permission v4.19.0.210
February 15, 2022Neue Version
Integriert die Unterstützung für die SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.
SharePoint Column/View Permission v4.17
SharePoint Column/View Permission v4.17
September 16, 2019Neue Version
Integriert die Unterstützung für Microsoft SharePoint 2019.
SharePointBoost Column/View Permission updated
SharePointBoost Column/View Permission updated
January 30, 2012Patch-Veröffentlichung
SharePointBoost joins ComponentSource
SharePointBoost joins ComponentSource
December 9, 2010Pressemitteilung
SharePointBoost Column/View Permission lets you define granular access rights for your SharePoint lists and libraries.

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Compatible with:
  • Microsoft SharePoint Subscription Edition
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2019

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