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SocketTools ActiveX Edition

SocketTools ActiveX Edition gives you the ability to provide client interfaces for application protocols such as file transfer (FTP), simple mail transfer (SMTP), post office (POP), domain name (DNS), hypertext (HTTP), and Telnet. Include extensive Internet communication in your application without being required to learn complex TCP/IP protocols.

The following are the features in the SocketTools ActiveX Edition:

  • Standard ATL based ActiveX controls compatible with any COM compliant development tool
  • Low resource utilization and no external dependencies on third-party libraries
  • A comprehensive product with 18 ActiveX controls for all of the major protocols
  • Fully compatible with Visual Studio.NET, including Visual Basic.NET and C#
  • Includes both high level and lower level interfaces for maximum flexibility
  • Support for both synchronous and...


Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

SocketTools adds Asynchronous File Transfer
SocketTools adds Asynchronous File Transfer
Easily perform multiple background transfers simultaneously.
SocketTools adds SMS Component
SocketTools adds SMS Component
Enables an application to send SMS text messages to mobile devices.
SocketTools improves IPv6 compatibility
SocketTools improves IPv6 compatibility
Version 7.1 also improves performance over high-speed Internet connections and local networks.

Preise ab: $ 387.10

One software license is required per developer who may have it on home workstation, office workstation, laptop, etc. as long as that single developer is the only one using the license. The product...

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