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Solutions Schedule for .NET

Solutions Schedule for .NET provides Windows developers with an advanced set of features for creating enterprise Asset Management and Multi-resource scheduling applications. Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Production Planning, Warehousing and many others are all common commercial applications using Solutions Schedule for .NET for their intuitive, data focused, Gantt style drag and drop planning and scheduling interface designs. Chosen by market leading commercial software companies and senior development teams as the number one drag and drop, Gantt style, interactive scheduling control - Solutions Schedule is an industry proven performer. There are three editions of Solutions Schedule .NET to choose from to meet the needs of Visual Studio Developers: Standard, Corporate and Enterprise. Solutions Schedule .NET delivers intuitive mouse driven scheduling and planning with Gantt-style project management features. Solutions Schedule .NET also includes map and scroll-to-date features to easily manage schedules of any size. DBI's Solutions Schedule for .NET comes complete with Smart Client demonstrations, sample applications and sample source code in C# and VB.NET. Solutions Schedule for .NET is fully compatible with Visual Studio and includes 12 months of updates, both minor and major and 12 months of direct access to technical support.

DBI's Solutions Schedule for .NET component software provides intuitive mouse driven scheduling & planning capabilities with Gantt-style project management features. Developers are able to present multi-dimensional schedules logically and intuitively over multiple periods of time in a single view. With map and scroll-to-date features, managing schedules of any size becomes effortless. Solutions::Schedule for .NET 3 is available in 3 different editions with different Licensing and Features...


Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Solutions Schedule for .NET v6.0 released
Solutions Schedule for .NET v6.0 released
Build logistics, team management and resource planning solutions.
Solutions Schedule .NET adds Time Zone features
Solutions Schedule .NET adds Time Zone features
Version 5.0 lets you show different timezones and change the starting day of the week in the monthly view.
Solutions Schedule for .NET 4.0 released
Solutions Schedule for .NET 4.0 released
New data visualization, Gantt scheduling, Schedule Notes, more TimeBars and Value Point, Font and ForeColor properties.
Solutions Schedule compiled for AnyCPU
Solutions Schedule compiled for AnyCPU
Solutions Schedule for .NET V3.1 now Windows 7 certified and features enhanced snap to grid and divisions.
Solutions Schedule for .NET updated
Solutions Schedule for .NET updated
Latest version compiled and licensed to AnyCPU, Windows 7 certified.

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Standard Edition License - The Standard Edition License is offered on a per developer, per computer license activation basis incorporating a royalty-free runtime distribution agreement. Corporate...

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