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SourceAnywhere for VSS

SourceAnywhere for VSS is a VSS remote/internet access (SourceSafe remote/internet access) tool. It enables you to use Visual SourceSafe easily over the Internet. With SourceAnywhere for VSS, you can perform most SourceSafe operations from any remote location using standard TCP/IP access. SourceAnywhere for VSS consists of a Server and a Client. They can communicate over any standard TCP/IP connection, including a PPP connection over a modem, an ISDN line, or an Ethernet connection on the same LAN as the Server.


Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS is a Visual SourceSafe remote access solution. As an add-on tool for SourceSafe, SourceAnywhere for VSS provides fast, reliable and secure remote access for users of SourceSafe 6.0 and SourceSafe 2005.

  • High performance SourceSafe remote/internet access
  • Cache server for your geographically distributed teams
  • Java client for cross platform
  • 128-bit SSL and Blowfish encryption
  • Password policy to protect your password
  • Eclipse plug-in
  • Visual Studio plug-in...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

SourceAnywhere for VSS improves compatibility
SourceAnywhere for VSS improves compatibility
SourceAnywhere for VSS V6.2 released
SourceAnywhere for VSS V6.2 released
Adds improved performance and enhancements such as the ability to track the computer name in the check out path.
SourceAnywhere for VSS patched to V6.1.1
SourceAnywhere for VSS patched to V6.1.1
SourceAnywhere improves performance
SourceAnywhere improves performance
SourceAnywhere for VSS V6.1 improves overall performance by introducing ZIP compression on the network layer.
SourceAnywhere V6.0 adds revamped UI
SourceAnywhere V6.0 adds revamped UI
Version 6.0 also features improved project diff, plus integration with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and uniPaaS.

Preise ab: $ 280.52

SourceAnyWhere is licensed on a per user basis (not by concurrent users). For example, if you have three people who use SourceAnywhere for VSS, you need to purchase three licenses: one license for...

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