Über Syncfusion Big Data Platform

Eine komplette Hadoop-Ausgabe speziell für Windows.

Syncfusion Big Data Platform gives you complete access to the Hadoop environment. It includes a complete production environment that can run Hadoop jobs in a scalable manner on a full cluster. The included Cluster Manager application makes provisioning easy, allowing you to manage and monitor multiple-node Hadoop clusters on Windows.

Key features

  • Powerful HBase support - The platform comes with integrated support for HBase. Store and process massive amounts of data in a horizontally scalable manner. Achieve high speed reads and writes. HBase is quickly becoming the NoSQL store of choice and the Syncfusion Big Data Platform makes it easier to deploy than ever before.
  • Absolutely no manual configuration - When creating a cluster, manual configuration is not required. The cluster configuration and management system Syncfusion provides takes care of everything.
  • No lengthy list of prerequisites - All that’s needed on each node is a small agent that depends on .NET Framework 4.5 or later. There are absolutely no other dependencies. The cluster manager will then coordinate the complete installation process with the agent.
  • Automate agent installation with Windows PowerShell/Active Directory - While the agent can be manually installed for smaller clusters, Syncfusion provides scripts that can automate the installation of agents to a large number of nodes in a completely unattended manner.
  • Run Hadoop jobs written in any language, including C# - The Syncfusion Big Data platform can run jobs written in any language. Java, Pig, Hive, Python, and Scala are all supported. There is also complete support for C# or any other .NET platform language.
  • YARN-enabled cluster - The Syncfusion Big Data platform comes ready for YARN applications. Run any YARN-compatible application system. Users are not limited to MapReduce.
  • Access Hive data directly from C# - Data stored in the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) can be directly accessed from C# applications through Hive. Syncfusion ships an extensive set of C# samples that demonstrate access under different scenarios.
  • Hive/HBase data access–nothing more is needed - No ODBC driver or other extensions are needed. Everything needed is included.
  • Work with Apache Spark - Syncfusion Big Data Studio includes complete access to the Spark environment over YARN. Take advantage of new higher-level paradigms for processing massive amounts of data faster than ever before
  • Scale as you need - Start with a 5- or 10-node cluster and scale as needed. Hadoop has scaled to thousands of nodes and can grow with your business needs.
  • Commodity hardware - Use any reasonably capable, desktop-grade hardware and put it to good use. As your needs grow, you can move to higher-grade hardware.
  • Run on Azure/AWS/other cloud virtual machines - Run custom-configured Hadoop cluster on Azure or AWS virtual machines. Unlike Hadoop in cloud services, users have complete and direct control over the cluster.
  • Up and running in 15 minutes or less - Syncfusion has fine-tuned the entire experience starting from the moment a user downloads the product. There is zero manual configuration whether configuring a small cluster or a much larger one.