TeamCity Releases

Released: Sep 10, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.4


  • Fixed an issue where re-run dialog hangs if build has no snapshot dependencies.
  • Fixed an issue where muted tests are displayed with status "Investigation was assigned to you" and are present in list of failed tests.
  • Fixed an issue where IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown during cleanup because of BuildPromotionEx#getProjectPathIds returns empty list.
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot pass a multiline value into a PowerShell parameter.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect links to...

Released: Aug 11, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.3


  • Improved Agents sidebar keyboard support.
  • Added the ability to filter failed tests that don't have an investigator.
  • Added the ability to expand the Agents sidebar on search.
  • Added the ability to report disk usage metric on per-project basis, for top-level projects.

Released: Jul 9, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.2


  • The expandable list of projects is now back in the classic UI.
  • Agent push feature now allows installing recently introduced full agent on a remote host.
  • Experimental UI: improved Agents page and other usability fixes.

Released: Jun 23, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.1


  • Password fields are no longer convertible to textfields as it exposes the password in plain text.
  • Expanded ANSI coloring support to include 256 color set.
  • Added new build page: dark mode for build logs.
  • Added disk usage metric into /app/metrics exposed by TeamCity.
  • Added Sticky Header for build log page.
  • .NET runner now supports custom commands.
  • Added the ability to allow you to redefine cache location with a startup/internal property.
  • Slack notifier - Added verbose messages for...

Released: May 18, 2020

Updates in 2020.1


  • Conditional build steps - TeamCity 2020.1 allows you to specify conditions for your build steps and execute them only if the criteria are met.
  • Build with scale in a cluster - Simple and reproducible cluster deployments are now available out of the box. TeamCity 2020.1 lets you implement a scalable CI/CD architecture on top of Kubernetes: build agents can be launched automatically when you need them, do their job, and then be removed after the build is completed.
  • Multi-server - Running...

Released: May 8, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.4


  • Added warning when changing a trigger that triggers many builds.
  • Added links to test history on the Compare Builds page.
  • Added Docker images for Windows 1903.


  • "Unexpected error during Ajax request processing:" if ** or () was set in branch filter in schedule trigger.
  • "First failed in" shown in personal build when test actually succeeded.
  • Correct warning about triggering many builds is displayed only after saving schedule trigger (when magic wand for choosing branches...

Released: Apr 20, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.3


  • The main improvement of this release is the reworked .NET runner functionality. All supported .NET commands have been put together in one runner. This universal .NET runner offers the following features:
    • Support of cross-platform .NET commands and Windows-only versions of MSBuild and VSTest.
    • Support of the Visual Studio command-line interface.
    • Structured build log with highlighting directly in TeamCity, identical to the Visual Studio experience.
    • Real-time test reporting.
    • Ability to...

Released: Feb 24, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.2


  • Added support for multiple Docker connections.
  • Added the ability to distinguish between a regular and project agent pool in "/app/rest/ui/agentPools".
  • UI is now updated when a build problem investigation has been updated.


  • Provide a compact presentation for a build configuration based on multiple templates in React based Clean-up settings page.
  • Don't shorten names if there is space on the right.
  • Information about build results is not updated automatically after...

Released: Jan 23, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.1


  • Added support for Git mirrors on an agent, for submodule repositories.
  • Make using of "-Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true" option in Maven runner automatic.
  • Add UID in addition to env.USERNAME to default build parameters.
  • Set environment JAVA_HOME if maven builds from custom Java.
  • Expanded test presentation.
  • Provided an API to integrate custom tabs into the new UI.
  • Replace content of changes popup with new components.
  • Show build log tail instead of build log preview for running build...

Released: Dec 9, 2019

Updates in 2019.2


  • Power up your clean-up - TeamCity 2019.2 opens new dimensions of control over the historical data and artifacts created by your builds. A reworked clean-up engine allows you to set up different clean-up policies with a wide spectrum of filters: for example, you may choose to keep all builds from specific branches, or with specific tags. The new clean-up rules will be particularly useful for companies that have a lot of projects, and for teams that use feature branches during...