TeeChart .NET for Blazor

TeeChart .NET for Blazor offers a great generic component suite for a myriad of charting scenarios which also targets important vertical areas such as the financial, scientific and statistical worlds. Designed to offer instant chart, map and gauge capabilities to your NET application Blazor and WebAssembly. With dozens of chart types, statistical functions and developer tools, TeeChart is one of the most comprehensive charting libraries available for developers. Easy to use with a design-time editor and an intuitive programming structure, TeeChart .NET for Blazor is available in Business and Pro editions to fit different needs and budgets.

TeeChart .NET for Blazor Features

  • Chart types
    • 60+ chart types and variations. From the commonly used Line, Bar, Area, Pie to those more 'field-specific charts' such as Candlestick, Open-High-Low-Close, Kagi and Contour.
      • Standard: Line (Strip), Bar, Area, Pie, Fast Line, Point (Scatter), Bubble, Arrow, Gantt, Shape, Horiz.Area, Horiz.Bar, Horiz.Line, Pointer style Hexagon.
      • Financial: Candle (OHLC), Darvas, Kagi, Renko, Point and Figure, Volume, EquiVolume.
      • Statistical: Box-Plot, Color Grid, Error...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

TeeChart for .NET aktualisiert
TeeChart for .NET aktualisiert
Integriert die Unterstützung für Microsoft .NET 7.
TeeChart .NET for Blazor veröffentlicht
TeeChart .NET for Blazor veröffentlicht
Interaktive Diagramme, Karten und Messgeräte für Desktop- und mobile Umgebungen.

Preise ab: $ 175.42

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  • Blazor
  • WebAssembly/WASM
  • .NET Framework 4
  • .NET 5
  • .NET 6

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