Über TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX

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TeeChart Pro VCL allows you to create general purpose and specialized chart and graphing applications for all areas including business, engineering, financial, statistical, scientific, medical, real-time, and the web. TeeChart Pro VCL features a chart gallery with several chart types including 2D or 3D line, bar, horizontal bar, area, point, pie, arrow, bubble, Gantt, surface, volume, polar, and many more. Use the Chart Editor to customize your charts. TeeChart Pro VCL Source Code available.

TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX Features

Main Features

  • Chart control with headers, footers, 5 axes, legend, walls, 3D, paging.
  • Full 100% Delphi Source Code optional available.
  • Multi-language translations (English and 37 more idioms).
  • TeeCommander toolbar.
  • TeeChart Expert Wizard. (VCL Only)
  • All updates and new releases in subscription period.
  • Subscription period support via managed customer forums.

Chart types

  • Standard: Line (Strip), Bar, Area, Pie, Fast Line, Point (Scatter), Bubble, Arrow, Gantt, Shape, Horiz. Line, Horiz. Bar, Horiz. Area.
  • Extended: Polar, Radar, Polar Bar, Bezier, Donut, Smith, Pyramid, Map GIS, Organizational Chart,Treemap, Slope, Squarified Map.
  • 3D: Surface, Contour, Iso-Surface, Color Grid, Waterfall, Triangle Surface, Vector 3D, Tower 3D, Point 3D, Polar Grid, Bubble 3D, Polar Contour.
  • Financial: Candle OHLC, Renko, Kagi, Point and Figure, Volume, Darvas Boxes, EquiVolume.
  • Statistical: Error, Error Bar, High-Low, Histogram, Horiz. Histogram, Box-Plot, Horiz. Box-Plot, Violin, Horiz. Violin, Beeswarm, Horiz. Besswarm, Volume Pipe, Funnel (Pipeline), HighLow Line, Ternary, Error Point, Error Point 3D.
  • Other: Bubble Cloud, Line Point, Bar-Join, Bar 3D, Big-Candle, Image Point, Delta Point, Image Bar, Wind-Rose, Rose, Calendar, Tag Cloud.

Mathematical functions

  • Standard: Add, Average, Count, Divide, High, Low, Median Function, Mode Function, Multiply, Pareto, Subtract, Subset, Custom y=f(x).
  • Mathematical: Exponential Moving Average, Exponential Average, Momentum, Momentum Division, Moving Average, Smoothed Moving Average.
  • Financial: AC ( Acceleration Technical Indicator), ADX (Average Directional Index), Alligator, ATR (Average True Range), AO (Awesome Oscillator), Bollinger Bands, CLV (Close Location Value), CCI (Commodity Channel Index), Compression OHLC, Gator Oscillator, MACD, Money Flow, OBV (On Balance Volume), PPO (Percentage Price Oscillator), RSI (Relative Strength Index), RVI (Relative Vigor Index), SAR (Stop And Reversal), Stochastic, PVO (Percentage Volume Oscillator), Vortex.
  • Statistical: Centroid, Standard Deviation, Root Mean Square, Performance, Variance Function, Skewness, Kurtosis, Percentage Change, Slope, KDE (Kernel Density Estimation).
  • Extended: Correlation Function, Cross points, Cumulative, Curve fitting, Downsampling, Exponential Trend, Histogram, Lagrange, Perimeter Function, Smoothing SpLine, Trend.

Data Connection

  • TDBChart database-aware control.
  • Series Datasources (Dataset, SingleRecord, Text, XML, CrossTab).
  • TSeriesDataSet and TChartDataSet components.


  • Data Zoom and Scroll.
  • Chart Tools: Clip Series, Clustering, Cursor, Drag Marks, Drag Point, Draw Line, Extra Legend, Fibonacci, Gantt Drag, Image, Legend Palette, Mark Tips, Nearest Point, Pie Slices, Region, ScrollPager, Series Band, Statistics, Surface Nearest, Axis Arrows, Axis Breaks, Axis Scroll, Color Band, Color Line, Grid Band, 3D Grid Transpose, Annotation, Arrow, Axis ScrollBar, Banner, Chart Layout, ComboBox, Custom Legend, Data Table, Full Screen, Legend Scrollbar, Link, Page Number, Rectangle, Repaint Monitor, Rotate, Selector, SubChart, Transpose Series, Magnify, 2D Lighting, Fader, Frame, Text 3D, Video Creator, Video Player.
  • ChartGrid for data editing.
  • ChartListBox control.
  • ButtonColor, ButtonPen, ComboFlat controls.
  • TChart3D control.
  • TDraw3D general purpose 3D canvas. (VCL Only)
  • Treeview enabled editor.

Chart presentation

  • 2D, 3D orthogonal.
  • True 3D with perspective, 360 degree.
  • Gradients and transparency.
  • Legend Symbols and Check-Boxes.
  • Right chart wall.
  • Depth axis at left-top.
  • Custom unlimited multiple Axes.
  • OpenGL 3D rendering. (VCL Only)
  • Visual Themes.

Export formats

  • Export to Bitmap Picture.
  • Export to Windows Metafile Picture. (VCL Only)
  • Export data (text CSV, XML, HTML, XLS & XLSX).
  • Export Dialog.
  • Export native template (*.tee).
  • Export to picture (PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, PDF, VML).
  • Import from template (*.tee).


  • Printing methods.
  • Print Preview window.

3rd party components

  • QuickReport. (VCL Only)
  • Intraweb. (VCL Only)


  • TeeTree components. (VCL Only)
  • TeeChartOffice with source code. (VCL Only)