With UltraFinder you can find any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate and everything else you need in seconds, on your hard drive, on your shared and network volumes, on your removable drives, or even on a remote FTP/SFTP server. UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search program designed to find text in files anywhere. UltraFinder also allows you to find duplicates and eliminate or delete duplicates, keeping your computer clean and uncluttered while conserving hard drive space. Search your way with a variety of settings to tweak your search to perfection. UltraFinder includes two powerful but quick and easy to use modes for finding what you need when you need it: Find Files and Find Duplicates.

Find Files Mode
UltraFinder's Find Files mode allows you to search for text in files on your hard drive, network/shared drives, external drive, and even remote (FTP/SFTP) servers. UltraFinder will also search for text in PDF files and .doc/.docx files.

Find Files features include:

  • Search for files by content or by name (partial or full)
  • Search file contents or file names with regular expressions (Perl, Unix, and UltraEdit native)
  • Specify specific folders, entire drives, or even specific files as...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

UltraFinder v20.00
UltraFinder v20.00
Verbessert die Leistung und Genauigkeit für PDF, Word Docs, UTF-8 u.a.
UltraFinder 19.00
UltraFinder 19.00
Verbessert ganz erheblich die Suchgeschwindigkeiten für die MFT-Suche, die Standardsuche und Duplikate.
UltraFinder v17.00
UltraFinder v17.00
Volle Theme- und UHD/4k-Display-Unterstützung.
IDM All Access
IDM All Access
Das neue IDM All Access-Jahresabo enthält alle Anwendungen zur Bearbeitung des IDM-Codes auf einer Plattform.
UltraFinder v16.00
UltraFinder v16.00
Adds folder name search and improvements to DOC, PDF & DOCX content searching.
UltraFinder released
UltraFinder released
A search engine for your PC, network and remote servers.

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Named User: You may install the software on up to 3 machines, on any combination of supported platforms, provided you are the sole user of the software. If you purchase multiple Named User licenses...

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  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

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