Acerca de MadCap Doc-To-Help

Cree y publique ayuda online, guías de políticas y procedimientos, eBooks y mucho más usando Microsoft Word.

You only need to author a single set of content and MadCap Doc-To-Help will automatically publish many types of output. You can write in Doc-to-Help's content editor or using Microsoft Word and you can also import documents you already have.

MadCap Doc-to-Help Features

  • Write in Microsoft Word - Doc-To-Help offers the support for Word authors. Rather than forcing you to convert Word documents to a different format, a toolbar is installed in Word to bring all of Doc-To-Help’s features to your editing interface.
  • Widgets Give Your Content Interactivity and Consistency - Doc-To-Help's editor now includes Content Widgets. They are a very easy way to add consistency and interactivity to your online outputs. All you need to do is insert a widget, set preferences, and enter content.
  • Import - Doc-To-Help will import the Word-based manuals you already have and typically be ready to produce any of its outputs in minutes.
  • Convert - You can also convert RoboHelp projects, HTML files, HTML Help projects, and WinHelp projects.
  • Responsive Touch-Enabled Output for All Screen Sizes - Create engaging Web content that displays on traditional full-sized screens as well as mobile devices. Doc-To-Help’s Web based output is responsive (adjusts itself to the device’s screen size) and touch-enabled. Doc-To-Help creates an efficient single site to serve all your devices and platforms avoiding the need to maintain individual sites and saving bandwidth.
  • Create All Popular Desktop Help Formats - Produce the Help files that work best with your software by choosing from HTML Help (CHM), WinHelp, Help Viewer, JavaHelp, and Eclipse Help.
  • Publish eBooks, PDF, and Press-Ready Manuals - Give your readers manuals in the format they want by choosing to create them in EPUB or PDF. Doc-To-Help’s EPUB output can display on virtually any reader (even Kindle after an easy conversion to Kindle’s mobi file format) while PDFs can be sent straight to press or made available on the Web. Both formats are professionally polished.
  • Choose Professional Built-In Output Themes or Customize Your Own - Choose from a list of professionally designed, built-in themes and interface languages or use Doc-To-Help’s visual theme designer create new themes that match your web site or application look and feel.
  • Use Conditional Tags to Map Content to Outputs - Conditional content allows you to map any content to a specific output. For example, you may want to include a video for online output and replace it with a static image for manuals.
  • Facilitate Source Control and Collaboration - Doc-To-Help gives you technology to help manage content and workflow. Choose between Doc-To-Help’s own source control technology, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Team Foundation Server for check in/out features, version history and review workflows.