Excel Services Drivers

Access live Excel Spreadsheet data through Sharepoint Excel Services from BI, analytics, and reporting tools. The drivers make integration a snap, providing and easy-to-use database-like interface to Excel Spreadsheet data. Bi-directional access to Excel Spreadsheet data hosted on SharePoint (via SharePoint Excel Services) through standard database drivers. Comprehensive support for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations.

  • Supported Technology - ADO.NET Provider, BizTalk Adapter, JDBC Driver, Mobile Driver, ODBC Driver, SSIS Component

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ComponentSource adds CData Software products
ComponentSource adds CData Software products
Easily build applications that connect to Google, QuickBooks, Salesforce.com and more.

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Supported Technology
  • ADO.NET Provider
  • JDBC Driver
  • SSIS Component
  • BizTalk Adapter
  • Excel Add-In
  • ODBC Driver

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