FusionExport enables you to convert your live dashboards to PDF or images. It works with all JavaScript charting libraries and is easy to install. It includes SDKs for Java, Node.js, C#, Go and many more. Not only can you export a dashboard as-is, but you can also add new elements to the exported dashboard on-the-fly including your brand logo, colors, additional data in the form of tables, and anything else that you want.

FusionExport is by far the best solution out there to rapidly generate a large volume of professional, server-based charts. It offers all of the chart options and features you could possibly need. It is easy to integrate and customizable for our needs.

Steven Rubenstein

Increase product engagement
If you’ve a product with interactive dashboard, send live snapshot of the dashboard, delivered straight to the inbox of your users, in an email-friendly format - thereby increasing product engagement.

Go beyond downloading individual charts or boring Excel sheets
Most dashboards restrict their users to download either individual charts or data as Excel sheets, leading to a broken user experience. With FusionExport, you can enable your users to download the entire...

Dernières nouvelles

FusionExport v2.0
FusionExport v2.0
July 23, 2021Nouvelle Version
Ajoute la prise en charge de CORS qui vous permet d’envoyer des demandes cross-origin et de partager des ressources.
FusionExport v1.2.3
FusionExport v1.2.3
April 24, 2020Nouvelle Version
Prend en charge FusionTime.
FusionExport v1.2.2
FusionExport v1.2.2
January 23, 2020Nouvelle Version
Améliore la gestion des packages en incluant des fichiers Lisez-moi et exemples.
FusionExport v1.2.1
FusionExport v1.2.1
October 9, 2019Nouvelle Version
Inclut la prise en charge des en-têtes et des pieds de page de PDF.
FusionExport v1.0.3
FusionExport v1.0.3
March 6, 2019Nouvelle Version
Prend en charge le service Windows pour gérer plus efficacement FusionExport sur Microsoft Windows Server.
FusionExport - Offre spéciale de lancement
FusionExport - Offre spéciale de lancement
February 4, 2019Offre spéciale
Exportez des tableaux de bord en direct sous forme de fichiers PDF ou d'images à utiliser dans les rapports et les e-mails.

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FusionExport is now available only as part of FusionCharts Suite Pro edition or above. License Type, Pro, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Developers, Up to 5, Up to 10, 11+, Number of products, Single...

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