Compatibilité de FusionExport


FusionExport runs on your server. When you download FusionExport, you will get a binary file which you have to run on your server like any other service. Using FusionExport SDKs or API endpoints, you can integrate it into your backend. The only connecting line between FusionCharts and FusionExport is - they both expect data-source in JSON format.

Package Structure
There are two primary components of FusionExport:

  • FusionExport Server - A binary file which you will get when you download FusionExport. You have to run FusionExport server on your backend infrastructure. We support Windows, Mac, and Linux, so that you don't have to worry about cross-platform integration.
  • FusionExport SDKs - Once you start FusionExport server on your system, you can send requests to export your dashboards via API endpoints but to ease your development flow, there are SDKs for popular languages like C#, Java, PHP, Node.js and Python.