FusionMaps XT

Affichez efficacement les données géographiques, telles que les revenus par région, les résultats d'élections et les emplacements de bureaux avec des cartes interactives.

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À propos de FusionMaps XT

Affichez efficacement les données géographiques, telles que les revenus par région, les résultats d'élections et les emplacements de bureaux avec des cartes interactives.

FusionMaps XT helps you display geographical data distributed by category, regions or entities using JavaScript (HTML5). You can use it to plot business data like revenue by regions, census data like population by state, election results, flight routes, office locations and survey results effectively. FusionMaps XT offers over 965 maps including all continents, major countries and all US states. The maps are driven by XML data source and you can integrate them with any web technology (ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails etc.) and database. You can set up a map in a couple of minutes and then extensively customize them using the XML/JSON API they expose. FusionMaps XT also comes with a visual map builder that helps you enter data and set all configurations of the map. FusionMaps XT is a part of the FusionCharts Suite XT, but functions independently of the other products in the suite as well.

Advantages of Using FusionMaps XT:

  • Gets you started in 15 minutes: Setting up a map and connecting to your database takes only a few minutes and doesn't involve any modification of source code, even for resizing. You can directly customize each map using the XML/JSON API exposed by it. Our extensive documentation, business demos and easy to understand code samples get you started in just 15 minutes.
  • Works with all web technologies and databases: FusionMaps XT renders with JavaScript (HTML5) and works with ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript or even simple HTML pages. The maps are data-driven and can be connected to any database (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.) or web service to enable real time data visualization.
  • Customize maps the way you want it: FusionMaps XT allows you to customize the cosmetics of a map extensively.
  • Gives your users a powerful reporting experience: Your users also get smart reporting capabilities like scroll, drill-down, tooltips and support for multi-lingual (UTF8) text. You can also define color ranges on the map to divide geographical data like revenue by regions into easily identifiable zones.
  • GUI helps you create the maps in a snap: FusionMaps XT comes bundled with a GUI that helps configure map cosmetics, feed data and generate XML/JSON without having to write it yourself. This is particularly useful for non-developers who want to build static maps for websites, blogs or presentations.
  • Markers help you pinpoint cities and junctions: FusionMaps XT allows you to add markers on the map to pinpoint locations like cities, malls, junctions, office locations etc. You can define unlimited markers on a map and then choose to show all of them or a subset at a time. The markers can show detailed information in the tooltips and can be drilled down for further details.
  • Unlimited levels of drill-down supported: FusionMaps XT is a perfect fit for reports and dashboards with multiple drill-down levels. All maps support drill-down in same window, new window, pop-up window or frames.
  • AJAX-enabled maps with extensive JavaScript API: All maps in the FusionMaps XT are tightly integrated with JavaScript. This allows client-side chart or attribute update, listening to chart events, maintaining map states or cloning.
  • Allows your users to export the maps as images,and PDF: While maps are generated using JavaScript and Flash, they can also be exported to JPG, PNG or PDF.