À propos de PDFlib

Générez des documents PDF à la volée.

PDFlib is a component that allows you to programmatically create PDF files from within your own server-side or client-side software. PDFlib doesn't make use of third-party software for generating PDFs, nor does it require any other tools. PDFlib is available for all major operating systems and development environments. It offers a variety of new and improved functions, including a new table formatter, PDF/A output for longtime archiving, AES encryption, integrated pCOS analyzing tools, a repair and optimization mode for input PDFs, and numerous other new features.

PDFlib makes PDF generation possible without wading through the PDF specification. While PDFlib tries to hide technical PDF details from the user, a general understanding of PDF is useful. In order to make the best use of PDFlib, application programmers should ideally be familiar with the basic graphics model of PostScript (and therefore PDF). However, a reasonably experienced application programmer who has dealt with any graphics API for screen display or printing shouldn’t have much trouble adapting to the PDFlib API as described in the PDFlib manual.

Server Deployment: PDFlib is thread-safe, i.e. it can safely be used in multi-threaded server applications. The COM edition is both-threaded for improved performance. C or C++ library clients can install their own memory management and error handling routines. PDFlib's memory management has been rigorously engineered and tested for memory leaks in order to guarantee 24-hour deployment without any shutdown periods.