Fonctionnalités de PDFlib

Features of PDFlib


  • PDFlib is a library which allows you to generate files in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). PDFlib acts as a backend to your own programs
  • PDFlib doesn't make use of third-party software for generating PDF, nor does it require any other tools. PDFlib is available for all major operating environments and development environments
  • PDFlib offers many useful functions for creating text, graphics, images, and hypertext elements in PDF
  • A PDFlib program can be used for dynamically generating PDF – reflecting user input or dynamic data retrieved from web or database servers. The optional add-on PDF Import Library (PDI) can be used to integrate pages from existing PDF documents into the generated output. With the PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) as further add-on, server side personalization of PDF files becomes possible
  • With the programmer only being responsible for producing the data from whatever source, PDFlib takes the task of generating the PDF code which visually represents the data
  • PDFlib can generate PDF data directly in memory (instead of on file), resulting in better performance and avoiding the need for temporary files, thus being the fastest PDF-generating method