A proposito di LEADTOOLS CCOW Module

Tutto il necessario per aggiungere facilmente il supporto per gli standard dell'architettura di gestione del contesto indipendenti del fornitore di HL7.

With the LEADTOOLS Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) SDK technology, application developers can easily add support for HL7's vendor independent Context Management Architecture standards. Context Management, popular among PACS and medical records systems, is a dynamic computer process that uses "subjects of interest" in one application, to point to data in separate systems containing the same subject. The LEADTOOLS CCOW SDK provides high level .NET components to quickly and easily develop robust Context Management solutions that tie together critical information scattered across multiple systems and disparate applications. LEADTOOLS CCOW module adds on to LEADTOOLS Document Imaging, Recognition Imaging, Document Imaging Suite, Medical Imaging, PACS Imaging and Medical Imaging Suite SDKs.

Overview of LEADTOOLS CCOW SDK Technology

  • Provides a robust Context Manager solution with customizable interfaces for
    • Annotation Agents
    • Action Agents
    • Mapping Agents
  • Secure authentication, communication and user management
  • High level and programmer friendly .NET components for the development of robust context management solutions

Advantages of CCOW:

  • Widespread interoperability, allowing selection of clinical applications that meet specific needs regardless of the vendor
  • Context-oriented workflow, improving access to patient data from different applications based on subjects of interest (context)
  • Fast, unified access to patient data, whenever needed
  • Single sign-on management capabilities, reducing the number of sign-ons to disparate applications
  • Patient information accessibility, supporting better clinical decision-making
  • Improved security and HIPAA compliance through user authentication
  • Reduction of user error by ensuring the user is examining the correct information

In short, CCOW leverages the existing investment medical facilities have made in their various systems. Health providers can realize the benefits of a single sign-on, patient-focused information system without reinvesting in new technologies.