Actipro Shell for WPF

Actipro Shell for WPF comes with a pre-built implementation for the Windows shell that mimics Windows Explorer. The controls are fully customizable, allowing you to filter or change the folders/files presented. Or you can build your own shell service to support other files systems, such the remote side for a FTP client.

Actipro Shell for WPF Features

  • ShellTreeListBox - The ShellTreeListBox control presents a shell folder hierarchy in a tree structure, similar to what you see in the left side of Windows Explorer. It is designed as a standalone control, so it can be used to build 'Browse for Folder' dialogs or can be paired with other shell controls to build a robust folder browser UI.
  • ShellListView - The ShellListView control shows the contents of a selected folder using column-based property display, similar to...

최신 뉴스

Actipro Shell for WPF 2018.1 build 0674
Actipro Shell for WPF 2018.1 build 0674
CAB 파일을 셸 폴더로 처리하지 않도록 업데이트 합니다.
Actipro Shell for WPF released
Actipro Shell for WPF released
Windows Explorer와 같은 폴더 및 파일 브라우저 WPF 컨트롤입니다.

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