AH Formatter 관련 정보

CSS 또는 XSL-FO를 사용하는 프린트 및 PDF용 문서의 서식을 만듭니다.

Antenna House Formatter features both XSL and CSS functionality for formatting PDF or print documents. With AH Formatter, users can now select the stylesheet language and content strategy that best suits their business needs. XSL-FO has long been recognized as a standard for formatting XML for print and PDF and CSS as the standard for displaying HTML on the Web. The missing piece for web developers has always been how to go from Web/HTML to print and PDF with properly formatted pages and documents. AH Formatter is the answer.

The AH Formatter is available in 6 variations:

  • AH Formatter - Full support for the layouts specified by both XSL-FO and CSS
  • AH XSL Formatter - Full support for the layouts specified by only XSL-FO
  • AH CSS Formatter - Full support for the layouts specified by only CSS
  • AH Formatter Lite - Support for the layouts specified by both XSL-FO and CSS with restrictions
  • AH XSL Formatter Lite - Support for the layouts specified by only XSL-FO with restrictions
  • AH CSS Formatter Lite - Support for the layouts specified by only CSS with restrictions

AH Formatter Features

High Speed and Unlimited Formatting
AH Formatter can format documents of virtually any size whether it is a publication, tens of thousands of invoices, reports or personalized one to one documents.

XSL Compliance
Supports XSL 1.1 which is a XSL-FO specification. AH Formatter reliably implements elements of the XSL specification and properties, and goes beyond with their own extensions.

CSS Compliance
Supports CSS2.1 and CSS3. Page models of CSS3 is also supported, now that high-quality page formatting will be available.

PDF Output
AH Formatter core product supports the output for PDF 1.3-1.7, 2.0, PDF/X, PDF/A and PDF/UA.

More Outputs
AH Formatter has additional outputs that are available to purchase as add-ons. These include SVG Output, PostScript Output and XPS Output.

Add SVG, CGM, MathML, and barcodes to your PDFs. Embed multimedia objects such as videos or add existing PDF pages into your published document. The CGM Option and Barcode Generator Option are available to purchase as add-ons features.

Native Graphic Renderings
With AH Formatter, SVG, MathML, EMF, WMF and CGM images are rendered into PDF as vectors, retaining the quality of output images. The CGM Option is available to purchase as an add-on for rendering CGM as a vector graphic.

MathML 3.0
Produce high quality math equations for math, science and technology publications with XML. MathML is supported by the standard version of AH Formatter which allows users to draw Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 3.0 2nd Edition defined by W3C by utilizing Antenna House's custom-developed engine. MathML is not supported in the Lite version, but can be added with the MathML Option.

AH Formatter supports almost any language which is supported by Unicode and also supports surrogate pairs. It also supports vertical writing styles, bidirectional text, multilingual documents with language mixtures, white space adjustment before and after punctuation, defining custom counter style and includes hyphenation for over 40 languages.

Flexible Floats
The advanced float features allows you to place content in arbitrary sections on a page or in multi-column layouts.

Table Auto Layout
AH Formatter supports table-layout=”auto” for XSL-FO and CSS, which is not supported by many other formatting software. This function arranges the table layout suitably without specifying the width of a cell. It's suitable for almost all tables that do not require the strict value of the width, and is very convenient. When the formatting speed poses a problem, please specify table-layout=”fixed” instead and specify fixed width in all cells.

Command-line, .NET, COM, Java and C++/C are supported APIs. These APIs make for easy system integration of AH Formatter as the PDF publishing engine for web applications, content management systems and other software products. The .NET and COM interfaces are available for Windows only.

AH Formatter can generate PDF/UA and tagged PDF documents which meets the accessibility requirements and complies with Section 508.

PANTONE Color Support
Automatically convert more than 1000 PANTONE Colors into RGB or CMYK values. PANTONE colors can be specified for separation color (spot color) simply by putting only the name of the PANTONE colors in XSL-FO or CSS. The Pantone Option is available to purchase as an add-on feature.

High Quality Print
In the Windows version, it's possible to output the formatted result directly to the printer without passing through PDF. It's also possible to get the formatted result and print it immediately by using the AH Formatter GUI.

Passes Acid2
AH Formatter has passed the Acid2 test published by “The Web Standards Project (WaSP)” that measures the conforming level to CSS.