AH Formatter 릴리스

Released: Feb 8, 2024

V7.4 MR1 버젼 업데이트


  • XLS-FO:
    • Intermittent crashing.
  • CSS:
    • Multi column area overflowed into footnotes.
    • Table cell contents containing full-width spaces overflowed.
    • Duplicated running header text with unbreakable-words option.
    • Grid overflow error with placing grid elements at the start of the page.
    • Incorrect footnote rendering when :last page has different footnote reference area.
    • Footnote processing didn't finish.
  • Other:
    • Some contents were covered over by black boxes in embedded PDF.
    • Parentheses in axf:outline...

Released: Dec 21, 2023

V7.4 R1 버젼 업데이트


  • Features
    • Added support for CSS Grid.
    • Added support for CSS Flexible Box.
    • Now able to render without waiting for page number resolution in CSS.
  • CSS Only
    • Improved CSS ::before / ::after.
    • Now able to output CSS Debug Tree.
  • Extended Properties
    • Convert the data specified in src in fo:external-graphic to PDF using Office Server Document Converter.
    • Specify how to perform line breaking in a URL.
    • Specify whether to place a hyphen at the start of a line when breaking lines at a hyphen.
    • Specify the...

Released: Nov 9, 2023

V7.3 MR6 버젼 업데이트


  • FO Revisions:
    • Incorrect page break when list-block was a child of a block with axf:keep-together-within-dimension specified.
    • Change bar did not work after the nested page sequence.
    • Images were not being positioned correctly.
    • Contents following the float overflowed.
  • CSS Revisions:
    • Rotated table overflowed.
    • Row span cell with page break and vertical writing had incorrect alignment.
    • Row span cell with page break and vertical writing had incorrect width.
    • Premature page break with -ah-keep...

Released: Sep 21, 2023

V7.3 MR5 버젼 업데이트


  • FO Revisions:
    • Negative margin-top overflowed.
    • Invalid text position on the page with float.
    • Footnote overflowed.
    • Footnote repeated if it was in a table marker.
    • axf:repeat-footnote-in-table-header="false" did not work if the table header used fo:retrieve-table-marker.
    • axf:keep-together-within-dimension created a premature break in the previous block.
    • break-before caused "Out of memory Error".
    • 2pass created an invalid page reference number.
  • CSS Revisions:
    • Overflow over the table occurred...

Released: Aug 3, 2023

V7.3 MR4 버젼 업데이트


  • FO Revisions:
    • Premature page break with keep-together.within-page="always".
  • CSS Revisions:
    • Incorrect page number citation in the repeated table header.
    • float created the invalid area overflow error.
    • -ah-assumed-page-number used the wrong running element in the header.
    • -ah-assumed-page-number displaced the embedded PDF.
    • -ah-assumed-page-number caused the RTL table to overflow.
    • break-before: column caused the overflow.
    • Overflow with -ah-break-distance.
    • Numeric xlink:href link did not work...

Released: Jun 15, 2023

V7.3 MR3 버젼 업데이트


  • Now able to make bars thinner without adjusting the space size with linear barcodes.


  • FO Corrections:
    • Table was missing due to the incorrect processing of keep-with-previous.
    • table-cell with block-container using width="100%" prevented the table width from expanding.
    • Table began rendering one row per page.
    • Nested marker used the wrong font.
    • axf:line-number-reset="page" did not work with BPIL.
  • CSS Corrections:
    • overflow: error-if-overflow; did not work.
    • Formatting did not end due to the...

Released: Apr 27, 2023

V7.3 MR2 버젼 업데이트


  • Added the ability to specify whether to scan the Microsoft Windows system font directory by registry or by physical directory.


  • FO Corrections:
    • The line was hidden under the float.
    • Incorrect page allocation when maximum-repeats was specified in documents using fo:flow-map.
    • Incorrect handling of space-after caused the last line of a column with hyphenation-keep to be sent to the next column.
    • Infinite loop when creating PDF.
    • Area tree crashed.
  • CSS Corrections:
    • Incorrect table width with...

Released: Mar 9, 2023

V7.3 MR1 버젼 업데이트


  • Added the ability to specify data:scheme in axf:annotation-file-attachment / CSS -ah-annotation-file-attachment.


  • FO Corrections:
    • Incorrect image height with block-progression-dimension.maximum="100%".
    • Incorrect line break position of fo:block-container in multiple columns.
    • Nested block-container with columns overflowed.
    • axf:initial-letters generated extra indentations in following blocks.
    • line-height="0pt" in the span="all" block prevented the page break.
    • Premature line break occurred in...

Released: Jan 19, 2023

V7.3 R1 버젼 업데이트


  • Added support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2 rendering.
  • Added support for 'filter' and 'mask' SVG elements.
  • Added support for Emojis.
  • Check the display status of layers in the GUI.
  • Select how bookmarks open in the GUI.
  • Edit StyleSheet menu now shows a submenu when the document uses multiple CSS stylesheets.
  • Enhanced document info dialog.
  • Enhanced the ability to specify output pages.
  • Added option to output a blank page at the end of a job.
  • Extended CSS @font-face features.
  • Extended the...

Released: Sep 16, 2021

V7.2x 버젼 업데이트

V7.2 MR9

Updated Dec 1, 2022


  • FO Corrections:
    • The float using axf:float-move="next" was rendered on a blank page.
    • The block-progression-dimension.maximum property specified in fo:table-cell did not work.
    • Arabic text-align-last="justify" created a longer line.
    • Crash due to improper handling of footnotes.
    • Extra spacing after the footnote number.
    • Crash with the float change-bar extension in a footnote.
    • Incorrect max-height calculation.
    • Breaking blocks across pages failed due to incorrect BPIL...