About Bulk Check In

Check in multiple SharePoint documents.

Bulk Check In allows you to check-in an entire group of SharePoint documents and change their properties all in one operation. It can also be integrated into the SharePoint Multiple Upload tool making it possible to use Bulk Check In features after multiple documents have been uploaded. ArtfulBits Bulk Check In provides you with different editing options like overwriting existing column values, or filling in blank values.

Bulk Check In Features

  • Check in multiple documents.
  • Upload and check in documents at the same time.
  • Check in documents stored in sub-folders.
  • Edit document fields on check in.
  • Auto fill the default column values.
  • Options to overwrite existing column values or fill in only empty columns.
  • Interactive documents tree for file and folders selection.
  • Support of standard SharePoint document versioning.
  • Customizable per document library.
  • Language pack support.