Category Column 관련 정보

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Category Column allows tracking, organizing and grouping of SharePoint list items. The component uses the Microsoft Outlook approach for element categorization. It includes a simple way to change indicator color and comes with advanced tooltips that can provide more information. Category Column leverages the Microsoft SharePoint "Choice" column and enables filtering and sorting of values in the column by standard actions. Category Column supports single and multiple choices, allows fill-in values and a different rendering in list view.

Category Column Features

  • Track list and task items according to associated colors     
  • Professional indicator's look and feel     
  • Advanced customizable tooltips  
  • Ability to show another columns data in the tooltip     
  • Standard and custom indicator colors     
  • Customizable icon size     
  • Filter and sort items according to column headers     
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode     
  • Two-way conversion among ArtfulBits Category Column and standard SharePoint "Choice" column     
  • Language pack support