Codejock Chart Pro Visual C++ MFC 릴리스

Released: Apr 14, 2022

v20.3.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Chart freezing when too large or too small values are used has been  fixed.
  • Missing error bar chart line color and style setters has been added.

Released: Nov 17, 2021

v20.2.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Wrong chart axis origin for negative values has been fixed.
  • Samples and Utilities:
    • Native Windows theme support has been fixed.

Released: Sep 1, 2021

v20.1.0 버젼 업데이트


Samples and Utilities:

  • Improved DPI support for most samples.


  • Memory leaks on closing a 3D chart have been fixed.

Released: Jun 26, 2021

v20.0.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Added Funnel3D chart style.
  • Added 3D chart transparency and optional antialising.
  • Improved DPI compatibility of several chart fonts.

Released: Sep 7, 2020

v19.3.0 버젼 업데이트


  • FlowGraph points made to keep their size fixed regardless of zoom level.


  • Blurry chart elements when Markup is enabled and used have been fixed.
  • Missing axis labels in certain use cases have been fixed.

Released: Aug 20, 2019

v19.0.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Utility and Samples - Codejock samples and utilities have been significantly improved and applied a modern look so that you are able to not only work more efficiently with the tools.
  • 3D Pyramid Chart - 3D pyramid chart support has been added.

Released: Aug 7, 2018

v18.5.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Added Radar X Axis clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Released: May 16, 2018

v18.4.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Fixed issue saving and loading chart series with Gradient fill style.

Released: Jul 31, 2017

v18.0.1 버젼 업데이트


  • Visual Studio 2017 support added.
  • New 3D styles added for Pie, Doughnut and Torus chart types.

Released: Oct 24, 2016

v17.3 버젼 업데이트


  • Gantt chart XML loading from 16.3.1 version fixed.
  • CXTPChartMarker::CreateDeviceCommand made virtual.