Collabion Data Grid for SharePoint

With Collabion Data Grid for SharePoint you can convert all your data in SharePoint into interactive data grids with pivoting capabilities. Easily add aggregated values, format rows and columns based on conditional logic, and export the output to Excel, when required. When trying to answer questions from your data, the full view of data can be intimidating, and isn't very helpful. The right way to do it is to slice your data into smaller segments, and then look at it from various perspectives. Collabion allows you to filter your data in any way you want - including creating smaller segments based on conditional filters, showing top 'n' records, and even applying roll-up.

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Collabion Data Grid for SharePoint v3.0.0.1
Collabion Data Grid for SharePoint v3.0.0.1
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One software license is required per Web Front End Server per year. Web Front End (WFE) servers are the servers in your deployment that run the Web Application service. You could determine the number...

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