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Total Access SourceBook gives you plug and play code you can use immediately. The code is fully commented with an on-line help system that includes examples. Use and learn from the code. For instance, do you need code to empty a table? Fix broken attached tables? Run a query? Convert numbers to text? Make Windows API calls? Or hundreds of other routines you simply don't have time to build and test?


  • Source code for over 550 VBA procedures designed specifically for Access
  • Code for all the major Access development needs
  • Fully commented code with explanations and usage examples
  • Easy-to-use Code Browser (like Windows Explorer) to let you find the code you need
  • Powerful query tools for more complicated searches
  • Simply copy and paste the code into your modules
  • Royalty-free distribution rights when incorporated into your applications
  • Modify and save our code as your own
  • Powerful Code Repository to let you add your own code
  • The Team Version (5-User Pack) lets you manage and share code across multiple developers

The Source Code Library

Over 550 Microsoft Access Basic procedures are included organized into easy to find groups (listed alphabetically):

  • Access Environment
  • Access Forms
  • Access Macros and Modules
  • Access Queries
  • Access Reports
  • Attached Tables
  • Client/Server and ODBC
  • Converting Data Types and Units
  • Data Operations
  • Date and Time
  • Error Handling
  • File and Disk Operations
  • Information - General
  • Information - Multiple Objects
  • Information - Single Object
  • Interoperability - DDE
  • Interoperability - Excel
  • Interoperability - Word
  • Managing Objects
  • Math - Area and Volume
  • Math - General
  • Math - Statistics and Probability
  • Math - Trigonometry
  • Searching and Sorting
  • String Operations
  • Windows API - Multimedia and System Information
  • Windows Clipboard Operations
  • Windows Common Dialogs and Help
  • Windows INI File Manipulation

Complete Procedure Reference

In addition to the 550+ Microsoft Access procedures, a complete Windows API (16 and 32 bit) reference is included

Totally Documented.

No code library is complete without thorough and comprehensive documentation. Our code is documented with:

  • Comments in the code itself
  • Online help with syntax definitions and examples of every procedure!
  • Industry-standard naming conventions
  • User manual

Total Access SourceBook Features

  • Easy To Use Code Browser
  • Our custom Code Browser allows you to quickly and easily find the code you need:
  • Scroll through the tree view list of categories on the left and see the corresponding code on the right
  • Perform queries to find the specific code you need
  • Add your own notes to any procedure
  • Print the source code and comments
  • Export the code to a file, the Windows clipboard, or NotePad
  • Set fonts, tree view options, save settings, and more with our fully configurable browser
  • View and search the entire Windows 3.1 and 32 (Win95 and NT) APIs using our API Browser
  • Powerful Code Repository.
  • The code repository feature makes it easy to manage and maintain your own code
  • Modify and save any of the built-in procedures
  • Add your own procedures to the built-in list
  • Create a public repository on your network to share code across projects and developers
  • Track custom code by author, creation and modification dates
  • Control code modifications by user
  • With the Team Version, you can support centralized shared code for multiple developers