Highcharts JS v9.1.x

Released: May 4, 2021

v9.1.x 버젼 업데이트


Updated Jun 16, 2021


  • Exposed Point.doDrilldown and Axis.drillDownCategory as official API methods.


  • Regression causing charts to crash some browsers where Intl was missing.
  • Boosted rendering sometimes crashed with multiple different chart types.
  • Selection marker showed without mousedown after export.
  • Shared tooltip with stickOnContact enabled did not always update position.
  • Made default pattern-fills more subtle and usable. Changed accessible-pie demo for better pattern handling.


Updated Jun 4, 2021


  • Added new option for bullet chart, targetOptions.borderRadius.
  • Improved legend accessibility by placing legend buttons in a list.


  • Console warning when loading funnel 3D module, tableValues invalid attribute.
  • Heatmap.borderRadius did not work.
  • Offline exporting charts with HTML content to PNG or JPEG fell back to the export server even in browsers that supported it.
  • Fixed issue with extraneous table caption HTML encoding in the export data module.
  • Tooltip text alignment broke when setting font size.
  • Setting title.verticalAlign to middle did not vertically center the title completely.
  • Scatter line showed on hover after updating lineWidth to 0.
  • Error when calling removePlotBand after destroying Axis.
  • Panning after zooming sometimes broke with pointPlacement set to on or between.
  • Handling of local time with Safari 14.1.
  • Drilldown failed when points were cropped from the start of the series.
  • Tooltip covered interactive elements like the legend, buttons or annotations. Added a CSS class, highcharts-no-tooltip that can be applied to elements to prevent the data tooltip covering them.
  • Heatmap select state color did not work correctly.
  • Heatmap null points missed highcharts-null-point class.
  • Highcharts instance was accessed incorrectly on error.
  • Panning multiple axes did not work.
  • Boosted scatter chart with empty first series rendered ghost points.
  • ScrollablePlotArea regression, tooltip did not show sometimes.
  • Zones with no color set were invisible in boosted chart.
  • Legend items lost disabled state on keyboard navigation.
  • Shadow offset did not get applied on inverted charts.
  • Draggable point guide box was not big enough when the point was not fully inside.
  • Random stack labels with the value 0 showed when zooming in.
  • Inactive state remained on points after exiting chart with keyboard navigation.


Updated May 4, 2021


  • Added text to axis label context, making it possible to insert the default formatting inside labels.format.
  • Added additional item object context for lang.accessibility.legend.legendItem.
  • Improved Wordcloud keyboard navigation and added support for making the chart container a separate tab-stop.
  • Added error display fallback to the most recently added chart for debugger module.


  • Selected null points generated NaN values in the SVG.
  • Column drag handle was not visible with reversed Y axis.
  • Inconsistent addition of symbols definitions in the SVG renderer.
  • labels.allowOverlap set to false stopped working for axis tick labels after update.
  • Tooltip showed outside axis and plot bounds.
  • Space key fired legend item click twice in Firefox.
  • negativeColor did not work for lollipop series.
  • Clicking data label did not drill down line and area series.
  • Dumbbell connectors remained visible after changing series type when markers were not rendered.
  • Removing dependency wheel points during animation threw.
  • Bullet target disappeared when combined with rounded-corners plugin.
  • Some data updates while dragging point threw.
  • Split tooltip was rendered to wrong side on smaller charts.
  • Updating area series containing null data to no data threw.
  • <u> tag not working with useHTML.
  • Fixed a regression where area series with empty data caused SVG error.
  • Square shape did not support rounded corners.
  • Polar spline series with null data did not render path.
  • Heatmap keyboard navigation not working after mouse interaction, and backwards navigation not working as expected.
  • Regression with treemap and sunburst keyboard navigation.
  • Legend symbolWidth did not correctly default to symbolHeight.
  • No tooltip showed when hovering very small chart.
  • Previous legend items remained visible after dynamically adding color axis.
  • Plot band was not completely hidden when hiding series.
  • Polar chart with null data and accessibility module loaded threw.
  • Series with zones or negativeColor enabled leaked memory on update.
  • Some charts showed non-passive scroll-blocking warnings.
  • Halo position was wrong when using boost with multiple axes.
  • Boosted chart with empty data showed turbo warning.
  • Updating polar column to zero value did not work.
  • Inactive state with 0 opacity applied due to inactiveOtherSeries being true did not work for data labels and connectors.
  • Wrong BubbleLegend color in styledMode.
  • Stacked area and connectNulls sometimes did not work correctly together.
  • Split tooltip flickered with followPointer enabled.
  • Inactive state was not always cleared on touch devices when clicking outside the chart.
  • Fixed event handler leaks in fullscreen module, flags series and scrollablePlotArea.
  • Tooltip split, outside and useHTML did not work together.
  • Updating dataLabels.allowOverlap did not work.
  • Fixed reset zoom and drillup button alignment after plot size changes, button alignment did not update when the plot size changed due to hiding or showing elements such as legend or title.
  • Crisping did not work correctly for subpixel radius markers.
  • Networkgraph point className option did not work.
  • In styled mode, the font-size of the subtitle was not used like defined in Sass file.
  • Axis options passed in when creating chart got mutated.
  • Bar chart tooltip position was wrong with centerInCategory enabled.
  • The color option did not take effect in empty pie series.
  • Area series fill was not closed, making it hard to add a stroke for the area itself.
  • DrillUpButton did not have a fixed position when using scrollablePlotArea.
  • Updating networkgraph series color did not work.
  • Toggling stacking with centerInCategory enabled did not work.
  • Some data labels did not show in percent stacked bar or column charts when points were partially outside axis extremes.
  • Exporting menu was clipped below the chart.
  • Updating treemap data while traversed down threw.
  • Boosted chart rendered duplicate series when combined with responsive options.
  • Panning default type was missing.
  • Simulation of packedBubble stopping too early.
  • Drillup button disappeared when combined with a vertical scrollablePlotArea on inverted charts.