Indicator Columns Bundle

Indicator Columns Bundle includes, KPI Column (define and measure progress toward predefined goals), Category Column (tracking, organizing and grouping of SharePoint list items), Follow-Up Column (enables due date flags similar to those seen in Microsoft Outlook to be added to SharePoint messages) and Progress Column (display numerical data using a percentage-based progress bar).

KPI Column Features

  • Display an indicator for each individual item in the list, using standard Microsoft SharePoint calculated formulas.
  • Calculate values by using data from an associated SharePoint list.
  • Column customization.
  • Predefined set of site columns (KPI Issue Status, KPI Priority, KPI Task Status, KPI % Complete).
  • AJAX support enabled.
  • Language pack support.

Category Column Features

  • Track list and task items according to associated colors.
  • Professional indicator's look and feel...

가격: ₩ 1,194,800

One software license is required per Single SharePoint Farm. Subscription provides the following benefits for 1 year: One year of prioritized support, Access to ArtfulBits Issue Tracking System...

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  • Windows Server 2008
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