Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular 릴리스

Released: May 16, 2024

18.0.0 버젼 업데이트


  • IgxCombo and IgxSimpleCombo
    • Introduced ability to hide the clear icon button when the custom clear icon template is empty.
  • IgxDateTimeEditor and IgxTimePicker
    • You can now accept the following custom inputFormat options, as Angular's DatePipe:
      • Fractional seconds: S, SS, SSS.
      • Period (Am/Pm): a, aa, aaa, aaaa, aaaaa.
  • IgxPivotGrid
    • Added templatable row dimension headers displayed on the top, above all row headers.
    • Replaced the showPivotConfigurationUI property with pivotUI property, adding the...

Released: Apr 26, 2024

17.3.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Charts
    • XamRadialChart
      • Added a new Label Mode The IgxCategoryAngleAxisComponent for the now exposes a LabelMode property that allows you to further configure the location of the labels. This allows you to toggle between the default mode by selecting the Center enum, or use the new mode, ClosestPoint, which will bring the labels closer to the circular plot area.
  • Gauges
    • IgxRadialGaugeComponent:
      • Added new title/subtitle properties:
        • TitleText, SubtitleText will appear near the bottom the gauge...

Released: Jan 15, 2024

17.2.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Charts
    • Chart Highlight Filter - The IgxCategoryChartComponent and IgxDataChartComponent now expose a way to highlight and animate in and out of a subset of data. The display of this highlight depends on the series type. For column and area series, the subset will be shown on top of the total set of data where the subset will be colored by the actual brush of the series, and the total set will have a reduced opacity. For line series, the subset will be shown as a dotted line.
  • IgxAvatar
    • Removed...

Released: Nov 29, 2023

17.1.0 버젼 업데이트


  • IgxGrid, IgxTreeGrid and IgxHierarchicalGrid
    • Added a new rowClick output that fires when the user clicks on a row element of the grid, including group rows.
  • IgxTree
    • Added new toggleNodeOnClick property which determines whether clicking over a node will change its expanded state or not. Set to false by default.
  • IgxPivotGrid
    • IPivotDimension interface now exposes a property called displayName similar to the one in the IPivotValue interface. This property is optional and will be displayed inside...

Released: Oct 26, 2023

17.0.0 버젼 업데이트


  • General
    • Added support for Angular 17.
    • Standalone components support is now official:
      • Added IGX_RADIO_GROUP_DIRECTIVES for IgxRadioGroupDirective and IgxRadioComponent.
    • Animations are now imported from igniteui-angular/animations/@infragistics/igniteui-angular/animations.
    • Tree-shaking of the product has been improved
      • igniteui-angular-i18n is now tree-shakeable.
      • igniteui-angular/animations is now tree-shakeable.
      • igniteui-angular components have improved tree-shaking.
      • Breaking Change...

Released: Oct 26, 2023

23.1 (16.1.4) 버젼 업데이트


  • Themes
    • Experimental - Added the ability to configure the base font-size used to calculate the rem values in all component themes. This allows for proper scaling of components when a different document font-size is used.

Released: Jul 18, 2023

23.1 (16.1.0) 버젼 업데이트


  • IgxSelect
    • The select component now has the ability to handle igxPrefix and igxSuffix directives inside igx-select-item.
  • IgxBadge
    • Material icons extended along with any other custom icon set can now be used inside the badge component.
  • IgxCombo
    • Exposed comboIgnoreDiacriticsFilter filter function which normalizes diacritics to their base representation. When the combo components are configured with it, filtering for "resume" will match both "resume" and "résumé".
  • IgxCombo and IgxSimpleCombo...

Released: Jun 28, 2023

23.1 (16.0.0) 버젼 업데이트


  • Added support for Angular 16.
  • Updated the design of the ComboBox component.

Released: Apr 28, 2023

16.0.0 버젼 업데이트


  • IgxExpansionPanel
    • IgxExpansionPanelTitleDirective and IgxExpansionPanelDescriptionDirective now show the tooltip of the provided text content.
  • IgxDateRangePicker
    • Added showWeekNumbers input which toggles whether or not the week number will be visible.
  • IgxGrid and IgxHierarchicalGrid
    • totalItemCount can now also be bound as Input in remote virtualization scenarios.
    • rowExpandedIndicatorTemplate, rowCollapsedIndicatorTemplate, headerExpandedIndicatorTemplate and headerCollapsedIndicatorTemplate...

Released: Mar 15, 2023

15.1.1 버젼 업데이트


  • IgxInputGroupComponent
    • The input group has been refactored so that the floating label for the input of type="border" does not require a background to match the surface background under the input field. Also, suffixes and prefixes have been refactored to take the full height of the input which makes it easy to add background to them.
    • Breaking Changes - $size property of scrollbar-theme theme has been renamed to $scrollbar-size.
    • Breaking Changes -  $label-floated-background and $label-floated...