MetaDraw OCX

MetaDraw is a special purpose picturebox/image editing component. To your application, it looks like a standard picturebox, but it offers unique support for metafiles - a graphical format well suited to the drawing and/or moving of graphical objects - including the ability to tag individual graphic objects for HyperGraphic/HotSpot applications. Use as a metafile viewer with support for zoom and scroll.

MetaDraw ActiveX component brings the maximum in flexibility and power to developers looking for a reliable Object Oriented Image component for Multimedia, Image Editing/Annotation, HyperGraphics, Drag and Drop Interactive Interfaces.

Why is MetaDraw the tool to use?

You want graphics but you don't want megabytes of storage. Your users want to create and move shapes and images and you need to recognize those shapes. You need to recognize clicks and drags on specific graphic elements; link data...

가격: ₩ 838,700

Developer License: One software license is required per developer. Subscription License: Includes 12 months updates. DXF Filter Support Option , Bennet-Tec's optional DXF Import and Export license...

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carlUnited Kingdom3 등급
I love this product and I hate it! It has very many methods but it just doesn't feel object orientated. To be fair, I'm using the ActiveX version and hosting it in MS Access and a quick look at the... 더 읽기