MetaDraw Winforms for .Net

MetaDraw for WinForms .Net is an easy-to-use, robust Object Oriented image component that lets you create user-friendly interfaces that meet your development needs. MetaDraw for WinForms .Net is the .NET version of MetaDraw ActiveX component. This product has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the infrastructure provided by .NET. MetaDraw for WinForms .Net includes the following features: OLE drag and drop, multi-step undo/redo support, JPG, PNG, EMF format support, save/load pictures to/from database fields, zoom, arrow head/end point symbols, support for lines, arcs, poly lines and more.

MetaDraw for WinForms .Net is the first version of MetaDraw that is a true Visual Studio .NET component. A true, native .Net component - easy to use, with familiar syntax for existing users of MetaDraw OCX editions.


  • Arrow Head / EndPoint Symbols support for Lines, Arcs, PolyLines
  • OLE Drag & Drop
  • Multi-Step Undo / Redo Support
  • Object type conversion (text, ellipse -> polygon)
  • New object types: stars, regular polygons, etc
  • .JPG, .PNG format support
  • Link Style Enhancements...

가격: ₩ 823,100

Developer License: One software license is required per developer. Subscription License: Includes 12 months updates, DXF Filter Support Option , Bennet-Tec's optional DXF Import and Export license...

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