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ALLText HT/Pro is a full formatted text box (rich text) that supports the display of multiple fonts, colors, paragraph formatting and even bitmap backgrounds. Add hypertext tags to any words or phrases, complete with automatic cursor changes, events on click, double-click, and mouse/cursor enter/leave. ALLText HT/Pro supports textboxes with images, merge fields, and even embedded OLE objects.

ALLText HT/Pro is our Professional level edition of the popular ALLText mixed font textbox. Designed for demanding users, ALLText HT/Pro offers all the features from our ALLText standard edition plus RTF support, Hypertext tagging, OLE Objects and Picture Support. Everything you need to make a professional HyperText or MultiMedia application.

Unique Features (included in both Standard and HT/Pro editions):

  • Display and/or editing of text in multiple simultaneous fonts and font characteristics...

가격: ₩ 412,100

Developer License(s) One software license is required per developer(each developer may register for use on five machines) . Run-time royalty free. Distribution of other VBX controls using ALLText...

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