SharePoint Permission Manager

SharePoint Permission Manager allows administrators to search, analyze and manage SharePoint users, groups and permissions on a centralized platform. SharePoint governance assigns responsibilities and access levels to various content in your SharePoint farm, however when your permissions get more complex, permission administration can be a time-consuming challenge. BoostSolutions Permission Manager makes it easier and more effective to control permissions and improve SharePoint governance.

SharePoint Permission Manager's Main Features

Check, grant and edit permissions
Check, grant and edit permissions for SharePoint users or groups on a centralized platform without going through each site, list or item individually.

Export and import site, list or item permissions
Administrators can backup or export permission settings from a SharePoint site, list or item as a template and then import it to another SharePoint site or list.

Bulk manage permissions
Bulk manage permissions by adding...

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SharePoint Permission Manager released
SharePoint Permission Manager released
Search, analyze, organize and manage SharePoint permissions.

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SharePoint Server License - Each WFE (Web Front End Server) will require a Server License (For SharePoint 2007: all servers running the SP Web Application service will need to be licensed; for...

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