Syncfusion Essential BI Chart 관련 정보

Business intelligence chart controls for the display of OLAP data.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart is a great way to visualize business-intelligence data buried in OLAP and relational databases. Syncfusion Essential BI Chart is an interactive control with drill down capabilities that allows you to surface big-picture data and makes it available at your finger tips. All common chart types are supported.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Data Sources
Use the intuitive APIs to refer to an OLAP data source and specify which dimensions, measures and KPIs you want to visualize in the chart. Or you can visually create a report definition schema (XML) using our Report Builder and refer to the schema in your applications. You can even bind to relational data sources and let our in-memory pivot engine transform the data dynamically and present it as multi-dimensional OLAP data.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Types
Visualize chart data using numerous chart types ranging from bar charts to pie charts.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Appearance
The background, fonts, borders, and other chart elements can be fully customized at the chart as well as series levels. Built-in customizable legends are displayed to identify dimensions that are visualized. Tooltip can be employed to provide additional information at point level.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Filter Elements based on top level records
Essential BI Chart filters individual measure elements based on top-level records, improving an application’s performance.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Filtering
The OLAP Chart allows you to filter the contents based on some filter conditions using the Reports.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Design-Time Support
Essential BI Chart supports customizing a control during design time using Visual Studio. You can easily connect using the Connection dialog. After connecting, you can customize a report to your liking by dragging and dropping dimensions and measures to create the form you need.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Drilldown
BI Chart has built-in support for drilling down to the different levels of a hierarchical dimension. For example, collapsible axes labels let you visualize data by year, quarter or month in a time dimension.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Exporting Charts
Easily export BI Chart to several file formats. Also embed chart images into PDF, Excel or Word documents using our Reporting Studio.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart User Interaction
Interactive end-user zooming allows your end-users to zoom-into areas of interest within the chart.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Custom Expression Support
BI Chart now comes with support for binding data from any object whose class implements the IEnumerable interface with a user-defined expression. This helps render summary values in a grid in accordance with a given expression.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Named Set Records
BI Chart supports data binding with named-set records predefined in a cube. A named set is a collection of tuples and members that can be defined and saved as a part of the cube definition.

Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Calculated Members
The calculated members are classified into two types: Calculated Measure—which is a user-defined measure element created from an existing measure element; and Calculated Dimension—which is a user-defined dimension element created from an existing dimension. New calculated members can also be created from existing calculated members, and they can be added to a report through the API. That report, containing calculated members, can then be loaded into OlapChart.