Sobre o AbstraLinx

Extraia, explore e documente seus metadados do Salesforce.

AbstraLinx (formerly ERBuilder for Salesforce) is a simple and powerful tool designed to be used by administrators, architects or Salesforce consultants to access, explore, understand, and document Salesforce metadata. AbstraLinx also makes it easier for data architects to integrate Salesforce metadata into Data glossary, Data catalog, etc.

AbstraLinx Main Features:

  • Visualize all objects and relationships as ER Diagrams.
  • Ability to edit Salesforce data model and create new custom objects, fields, and relationships.
  • View all details of any Salesforce object.
  • Explore deeply the Salesforce data model.
  • Generate a navigable documentation for the Salesforce data model.
  • Generate a customizable data dictionary from a Salesforce model (HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, and MS-Excel).
  • Compare and generate comparison report for two Salesforce organization.
  • Convert Salesforce metadata to other target DBMS.
  • Collaborative modeling with Git.
  • Metadata versioning in a shared Git repository.
  • Requirements management: Ability to create and assign requirements to objects, fields, validation rules, triggers, apex classes, and relationships.
  • Ability to describe and document Salesforce objects, fields, triggers, Apex classes with custom metadata.