Licenciamento do ActiveState Platform

Se precisar conversar sobre os seus requisitos de licenciamento de ActiveState Platform, entre em contato com nossos especialistas em licenciamento ActiveState.

ActiveState Platform is licensed on an annual basis and requires you to renew each year to continue to use the software.

ActiveState's Platform accounts are sold based on tiers:

ActiveState Platform Team Tier

  • Best for small teams / organizations - Includes 3 Active Runtimes. Billed annually. Can purchase up to 150 Active Runtimes.
  • Basic Technical Support - Get expert help with your language runtime issues via chat and email
  • Private Projects - Private projects for business use that you can easily share with others
  • Static Runtimes not available

ActiveState Platform Enterprise Tier

  • Designed for Enterprise Needs & Scale - Rich set of enterprise features. Support for 32-bit versions & enterprise OS
  • Advanced Software Supply Chain Security - Foil cyber attacks with features like auto CVE remediation & hermetic build environments
  • Extended Support for Python 2, Perl and Tcl - Meet compliance and security needs for the older language versions you rely on
  • Static & Active Runtimes available

If you are interested in the Enterprise Tier please contact us for a quote.

A Static Runtime is a specific version of a specific language from ActiveState that is permanently installed. An Active Runtime is a language distribution from ActiveState that is dynamically activated. Static Runtimes give you certainty but are more expensive and less flexible, and are often better for legacy projects. Active Runtimes are more flexible and are often better for modern projects. ActiveState count unique runtime activations in a 24-hour period to come up with the total Active Runtimes number. For example, if across one day, Dana the Developer activates your company’s Python 3.9 distribution, Del the DevOperator activates the same runtime, and your CI/CD pipeline activates the same runtime 20 times, that would count as 3 Active Runtimes. If Del went on to activate a Perl runtime for running a script, that would bring the count up to 4 for that 24 hour period.