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Advanced Installer Java Edition

Crie e forneça uma experiência nativa do Windows para seu aplicativo Java.

Publicado por Caphyon
Distribuído pela ComponentSource desde 2019

Versão: 16.7 Atualizado: Jan 15, 2020


The features of Advanced Installer Java Edition are now available in Advanced Installer Professional.

Sobre o Advanced Installer Java Edition

Crie e forneça uma experiência nativa do Windows para seu aplicativo Java.

Advanced Installer Java Edition helps you create Windows installers for Java applications. Features includes your own process name, file icon and version, instant-on splash screen, JRE auto detection and version check and JRuns as a GUI/console application or a Win32 service.

Advanced Installer Java Edition Features

  • 100% native - Create packages containing only native code and technologies. Ensure the smallest footprint, no overhead and the tightest platform integration for your installers.
  • Windows Installer - Standard installation technology on MS Windows. Enjoy total OS integration and powerful features like patches, auto-repair, Group Policy deployment and more.
  • Native Launcher - Make a native launcher for your Java applications and customize the process name, file name, icon, version, splash-screen, JRE/JDK detection and selection, user-friendly error handling.
  • Mac OS X - From the same familiar IDE, create standard and native application bundles for your Java products to be installed on Mac OS X computers. No Mac is necessary.
  • JRE/JDK prerequisite - Bundle a JRE with your product or check if the right JVM is present on the target machine and, if necessary, download and install it.
  • Import Eclipse - Point Advanced Installer's Wizard to your Eclipse project and it will instantaneously create and configure your installer and necessary Java launchers.
  • Compression - Dramatically reduce the size of your install packages using the powerful LZMA algorithm and optional Pack200 packing for your JAR files.
  • JVM parameters - Easy to use GUI to edit runtime options, initial and maximum memory heap and stack sizes, system properties, VM command line and other parameters.
  • 64-bit - Build 64-bit installers with native 64-bit Java launchers able to load your application into discovered (or bundled) 64-bit JREs.
  • Services - Quickly and easily create, package, install and run Win32 services written in Java just like native Windows services.
  • MSI - Create valid MSI setups for your applications respecting all written and unwritten Windows Installer rules.
  • UAC - Build installers that run flawlessly on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista supporting their security model.
  • Upgrades - Detect and upgrade an older version of your product installed on the user's machine. Prevent installs over newer ones.
  • Side-by-Side - Create packages for different versions of your application that can be installed simultaneously and run side by side.
  • Imports - Import from Visual Studio, InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSIS and regular MSI/MSM packages.
  • Fonts - Register fonts in the Windows OS. Specify registration names for non-TrueType fonts.
  • Environment Variables - Create, append or prepend user or system environment variables.
  • Autoregister - Auto registration for files that support it. Can be scheduled at install time.
  • Files and Folders - Install and uninstall files and folders. Set attributes, create shortcuts.
  • Registry - Install and uninstall registry keys and entries.
  • 64-bit - Build setups that run and install on 32-bit processors or the latest 64-bit Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • Template projects - Create templates based on your current project and ready-to-use for your future projects.
  • Add/Remove - Customize your application's listing in the "Add/Remove Programs" page of Control Panel.
  • XML projects - Easy to check into version control systems and share between multiple developers.
  • Command Line - Build your release packages in completely automated scripts, like Make, Ant, NAnt, TeamCity, Jenkins or MSBuild.
  • Run&Log - Launch your MSI package while pretty printing the full Windows Installer log.
  • Launch Conditions - Visually specify conditions necessary (applications, frameworks, etc.) for your package to run.
  • Smart Formatted Editing - Editing (MSI)Formatted fields offers reference auto-completion, syntax and error highlights and resolved value hints.
  • Per-User/Per-machine - Create installers that can be install as required: per-user or per-machine if the user is Administrator.
  • Include Merge Modules - Include frameworks, libraries, and other prepackaged dependencies into your installers with just a few mouse clicks.
  • IIS - Web Sites, Virtual Directories and Web Applications, App-Pools, User Accounts.
  • Updater - Automatically checks for, downloads and installs patches and updates.
  • Multilingual and Localized - Over 30 translations ready to use, easy to modify and create.
  • Themes - Over 50 built-in beautiful themes give your installer a professional look.
  • Prerequisites - Search for, download and install prerequisite applications, frameworks and run-times.
  • Custom Actions - Extend your installer's capabilities by executing your code during install.
  • Digital Signatures - Automatically add digital signatures on generated or included files.
  • Services - Install, register and control (start, stop, etc.) Windows services.
  • ODBC - Install and easily set the attributes on ODBC drivers, data sources, and translators.
  • File Associations - Associate files extensions with your application to open, edit, view or print.
  • COM - Specify COM, COM+ and DCOM components for registration during install.
  • Windows Features - Enable the Windows optional features your application requires.
  • Multiple Installer Builds - Build and maintain multiple installer variants from a single project.
  • Installer Continuous Integration - Built-in support for integration with TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, and Bamboo.
  • Office Add-ins - Easily create installers for popular software platform extensions, plug-ins and add-ins using the included specialized templates.
  • Automation - Modify your installer projects from command-line, in scripts or batch processing.
  • MSIX(AppX) - Desktop Bridge - Full support to build MSIX packages for your Win32/.NET applications, from your existing projects, through the Desktop Bridge.
  • Application Tiles - Customize your application tiles for the Windows 10 Start Menu and Start Screen.
  • EXE bootstrapper - Bootstrap your MSI or AppX package into an EXE file with a custom icon, description, and version.
  • Mixed 32/64-bit installers - Author single, unified installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
  • Search - Search for components, files, folders, registry and INI entries during install.
  • Organization - Separate components, features, and CABs for optional install or download.